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Mr. President is an independent creative agency with Brand Defining Ideas

We believe that brands are at their most powerful when they speak and act as one.

The more focused we make the brand, the more potent it becomes. And the more potent it becomes, the more impactful the work will be. Because we are not in the business of just increasing brand awareness, we are in the business of growing brand significance.

Our mission is to gain clients a disproportionate share of voice, by simply making all of their voices speak as one, under one Brand Defining Idea.

And this isn’t just a fancy set of words, it’s a mantra that aligns every single department of the company internally, as much as it inspires every piece of work we create externally. From how it’s positioned, to what it’s called, to how it looks, talks, moves and behaves.

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Key clients: 

P&G, Metro Bank, Stonewall, BetVictor, Freesat, MOO, Global, Royal Albert Hall, The Crown Estate, Method, and Miele.

Metro Bank – People-people Banking

Last year the phone rang with a request from the lovely people at Metro Bank. They were looking to run their first ever advertising campaign and needed the brand defining idea that would re-establish them as the original banking revolution on the High Street.

The brand defining idea focuses on what made Metro Bank the original challenger when it launched 10 years ago and what still gives them the edge

over the flurry of digital disruptors today - its people, and their second-to-none dedication to award-winning customer service.

Whether it’s remembering your kids birthday, giving your dog a treat, or simply being open at 8am and on bank holidays, Metro Bank are the OGs of people-people banking. And now, Metro Bank’s people-people Banking is available in the app store, and in actual stores. 

BetVictor - Hey Harry

We partnered with BetVictor to create a campaign starring the bookmaker’s new brand ambassador, King of the Jungle and football managing legend Harry Redknapp.

We tapped into Harry’s penchant for giving his own brand of advice to fellow “I’m a Celeb” contestants and imagined a new voice-activated service where Harry could do that for everyone.

Whether it’s asking for the secret to the

perfect marriage, or a red hot tip for the footie, Harry is the man you go to ask for life advice. So, to launch this partnership with BetVictor, we wanted to bring his knowledge into the homes of every punter, by imagining ‘Harry’ as the latest virtual voice activated assistant to hit the market. He may not be able to control your central heating, but he might give you a nice horse.

Herbal Essences - Flaunt what Mama Nature gave ya

To celebrate the launch of the Herbal Essences bio-renew partnership with Kew, we’ve brought back the iconic in-shower moment with a vengeance, but this time for today’s empowered consumer.

The campaign sets out to re-introduce Herbal Essence's original natural roots in a cut-through way - without losing the brand’s reputable sense of fun. It’s a smooth transition from the old ads of the 90’s and 00’s

as the brand grows up from a notoriously cheeky label, to a sassy, empowering and naturally conscious haircare brand.

Stonewall at 30 years.

Campaign to celebrate 30 years of Stonewall.

MOO - Let's Get Physical

“Let’s Get Physical” is a light-hearted film that’s made to capture the pure joy of great design made real with MOO. The concept was created to inspire the creative people who live and breathe beautifully printed design.

Yonda - Cash-forward Image

Yonda - Cash-forward

Most cashback offers are riddled with complex redemptions, tricksy offers, tonnes of fine print, and often teeny percentage returns. So when the team at Blackhawk Networks, known for their branded gift cards, approached us to develop a consumer brand for their prepaid cashback card, we understood what they were up against.

Their new proposition actually promised amazing rewards without any of the

usual hassle. With purchases at more than 70 national retailers and 16,000 stores offering rewards of up to 12.5% in some cases, the card was nothing like the usual 0.1% offers out there. This wasn’t just about getting tiny discounts on purchases, the rewards had the potential to build up to a proper savings pot. So we flipped the idea on its head: This isn’t cashback, it’s cash-forward.

That became the core of our Brand Defining Idea - Money you look forward to spending.

That’s also where the name Yonda came in - a forward-facing name.

Freesat - Welcome to Tellyfest

Welcome to TellyFest, the fictional fan convention that brings together superfans, dressed up as their favourite TV people from past and present.

The ad for Freesat unites a mix of characters all in the name of great TV. The get together is ‘Unbelievably Good’, building off our Brand Defining Idea for Freesat. The joy experienced by those who switch to the subscription-free service is expressed through the fun nature of

TellyFest’s attendees.

The campaign’s clever casting highlights a plethora of subtle references for telly enthusiasts from over 40 memorable shows from the past 50 years. And, it’s narrated by none other than Big Brother’s Marcus Bentley.

Plan International - Girls Get Equal

Girls take the lead in ‘Girls Get Equal’, our multi-year campaign for Plan International to inspire and drive support for the fight for equality around the world. Rather than speaking for girls, we boosted their voice, launching the campaign with a video manifesto in collaboration with Plan International’s activists in eight countries, including Ecuador, Uganda, Australia, Senegal and the US.

Method - 'look good. do better'

We brought the highly stylised, colourful and surreal Method brand world to life, framed in the Instagram square. The new ad features a series of quirky, fun characters that prove that looking good is even better when you do good as well and music that brings a chic and tongue in cheek vibe, just like method itself.

Capital Breakfast - Anything Can Happen

Our Anything Can Happen campaign shows Breakfast Show host, Roman Kemp, in a series of out-there scenarios with today’s hottest celebs – playing darts with Katy Perry; arm wrestling with Liam Payne and getting Shawn Mendes into bed with a load of cuddly toys.

Classic FM, ‘You May Not Know the Name. But You Will Know the Music.’

How many times have you recognised the tune and the genre, but been at a loss as to the actual name?

This classical music conundrum, recognisable and relatable to many people, is at the heart of Mr. President’s campaign for Classic FM, ‘You May Not Know the Name. But You Will Know the Music.’

The Body Shop: Treat Her Like A Queen

For Mother’s Day 2015, The Body Shop were running a global in-store campaign called Treat Her Like A Queen. They wanted us to turn this thought in a shareable film with international appeal.

The initial question we asked ourselves was, ‘How does HM The Queen actually spend Mother’s Day?’. Even in Buckingham Palace, where everything is taken care of, wouldn’t it be lovely if Charles still made some personal effort for his

dear Mum…

We teamed up with BAFTA-winning artist & film-maker, Alison Jackson - famed for her work with lookalikes - to bring to life Charles’ faltered but heartwarming efforts at preparing a Mother’s Day morning for The Queen.

Complete with royal Corgi’s, Camilla's interfering hands and Harry's peachy buttocks, the film received national press and exceeded 2m views on Facebook by the time the big day rolled around.

We even teamed up with Elizabeth Windsor @Queen_UK on Twitter, who posted to legions of adoring followers her suspicions that Charles was planning something.

The Body Shop UK said it's proved to be the most successful piece of film content that the brand has ever created. It’s also probably one of most bizarre shoots we’re ever undertaken.