We help clients sell!

We are MOLOKO marketing agency. 
We help clients sell.
In more details, we help our clients to develop demand for their products, making them desirable and sexy and rigorously trying to reach the highest conversion on each stage of consumer experience funnel.
We focus on developing consumer-centric strategies and solutions for digital era - whether as marketing, sales or servicing consumer experience.

Our agency develop marketing & communication strategies, brands, creative campaigns, digital advertising, websites and apps, as well as digital media campaigns - all aimed at reaching the highest results and effectiveness for client's business.

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Lutsk, Ukraine


Key clients: 

Runa, Dmytruk, Zabiyaka, Ellen, Diagnostykum

Dmytruk Luchesk Half Marathon website Image

Dmytruk Luchesk Half Marathon website

Dmytruk Luchesk Half Marathon is an event with a large number of fans, so it's not so easy to get more audience.
We created a site where one can not only find information easily and register quickly. Exclusive design helps to track time before start and shows the schemes of updated distances.
This will give a handicap to any competitor.

Diagnostykum branding and website Image

Diagnostykum branding and website

Diagnosticum Medical Center has been functioning as a highly qualified medical institution for over 20 years, providing high-quality diagnostics and treatment of various diseases and pathological conditions of the body.:syringe:

Having interviewed the client, we rebranded the medical center, creating a harmonious logo according to the name and development strategy of the company. We elaborated all the elements of

corporate identity: font, corporate colors, letterhead, business card, packages and much, much more.
And we also designed and developed the main site of Medical Center Diagnosticum. In addition, to promote specific services such as varicose veins and ultraviolet diagnostics, we have developed a number of separate landing pages.
Promin website design Image

Promin website design

Website - like a baby) It needs constant care and attention.
We redesigned the site for Entertainment Center "Promin" so that the search for the necessary information did not resemble a maze. The structure of the site is based on simplicity and user-friendliness. While browsing the site, you look like a glossy fashion magazine.

"Promin" is a modern entertainment center in Lutsk. The territory has a flagship

supermarket "Silpo", Multiplex cinema, children's entertainment complex Striped Rhinoceros, Grand Central food court with various cuisines for every taste, bowling pool and karaoke.
Okulist: branding, site development Image

Okulist: branding, site development


Okulist: branding, site development

Opos site and logo design Image

Opos site and logo design

Who would have thought, that not only company's products but also the quality of presentation of that products to the customer plays a big role in the development of the company.

Meat production company OPOS is one of the leading international suppliers of meat in Ukraine. The company regularly carries out import and export operations for the supply of meat and meat products of any kind in the CIS, Europe and Asia.

This is a strong company of professionals!

To help OPOS to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors, we have provided them a full range of corporate identity design services. Our team has identified a single idea, color palette, fonts, visuals and other elements and developed the most impactful identity. We also realized the idea of ​​creating a quality website with a complete rethinking of the visual representation of the company.
Ivan Khlib branding  Image

Ivan Khlib branding

Corporate identity is the identity of the company. It attracts customer attention, stimulates consumer interest, helps navigate the information flow, distinguishes the company among competitors.
Corporate identity is perceived by the consumer as a guarantor of the firm's solidity and quality of its goods.

Ivan-Khlib is a company that aims to cultivate in the society the cult of baking, consuming and storing in

ecological paper packages of healthy bread.

We have designed a logo with a clear visual solution that conveys the naturalness of the product. Laconic design attracts attention. As our marketing agency offers a full range of services, the client was able to order from us the development of corporate identity of the site, design of business cards, packages, showcases and branding of cars.

Yuliya Riabiik beauty studio: branding, site developmen Image

Yuliya Riabiik beauty studio: branding, site developmen


Yuliya Riabiik beauty studio: branding, site developmen

Volyn OULMG: video advertising

Site for kids ophthalmology Image

Site for kids ophthalmology


Site for kids ophthalmology

Asparagus of Volyn: branding Image

Asparagus of Volyn: branding


Asparagus of Volyn: branding