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Modicum is a tight-knit team of thinkers, creators and collaborators. We craft stories, experiences and tools that solve problems and work toward meaningful goals.

Whether you’re building a brand, launching a product, leading the conversation or stuck anywhere along the pipeline – we find a way to make the complicated feel simple.


Make an impression with Strategic Audits & Research; Positioning Reports; Brand Identity Development; Scalable Brand Templates.


Target new markets, differentiate from competitors and amplify growth with Marketing Collateral & Content; Websites, Apps & Microsites; Promo Videos & Demos; Live Activations & Experiences.


Leverage interest into traction with tools for Sales Enablement & Recruiting; Lead Conversion; Demonstrations & Presentations; Targeted Outreach Kits.


Transform engagement into lifelong loyalty with Loyalty & Retention Programs; Partner & Brand Ambassador Kits; Conferences & Tradeshows; Thought Leadership Campaigns.

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New York, NY
  • 145 West 30th St 3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    United States


Key clients: 

Google, YouTube, Samsung, Marriott, Morgan Stanley, Medallia, Harper Collins, Blue Shield of California, Target, Paypal, Betterment, Cancer Research Institute

Check out some of our latest work in video production and motion graphics.

Samsung Ads

Samsung Ads wanted a partner to push the limits of possibility for a live activation, and to stand out in the highly competitive Ad Week landscape. The task at hand was to reimagine a traditional keynote for the ads platform into a faster-paced, fully-immersive experience that packed a real engagement punch for advertisers and media exploring the space.

How do you show off your history-setting milestones?

Through a recent acquisition, Marriott International became the world’s largest hotel company and knew Global Travel Day would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate that accomplishment. They wanted to share the news that travelers all over the world could use their extended network of properties and loyalty program to find the perfect hotel, wherever they might


Because the main event took place in New York, Marriott came to us to help them grab attention online and bring the festivities to the rest of the world.

After surveying more than 6,000 travelers in 14 international cities, Marriott uncovered some surprising travel trends. Our job was to take those wacky travel stats and translate them into something incredibly visual and shareable.

Made by Google

How do you make your global product launch epic?

We helped Google launch industry redefining hardware at their Made by Google event. Kicked off by CEO Sundar Pichai, the launch had to live up to the astronomical expectations of their carefully-curated buzz.

Being on site, we were able to stay nimble, make changes on the fly, and collaborate one-on-one with the Google team. We pulled content from many different

sources to enhance the design and help present a comprehensive story.

Everybody Lies

How do you spread the word about your launch?

At the end of the average day, our online searches create eight trillion gigabytes of data. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, contributing op-ed writer for The New York Timesand former Google data scientist, used that data to uncover what our searches can tell us about who we really are. The result was Everybody Lies: a book so revealing and entertaining that HarperCollins couldn’t

wait to share it with the world.

HarperCollins came to us for a trailer video to help grab attention for the upcoming launch.

Medallia Experience

How do you kick your annual event up a notch?

Events are all about making sure every detail leaves a great impression, and with customer experience at the core of their business, Medallia knew their annual event had to hit all of the right notes.

We pulled out all of the stops to bring Medallia’s brand to life in digital signage, speaker introductions, and over 30 keynote presentations for staff and guest speakers.


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Graphic Design and Content for Executive Coach

"I thought they were really good at understanding what I was saying."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Less than $10,000
Project summary: 

Propoint developed graphics and professional products to help improve brand appearance. The team created a common title page and format for presentations. They assigned two designers to the project.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Dallas, Texas
Susan Shapiro
Owner, Onpoint Leadership
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Propoint had a good, intuitive understanding of the project’s intent and endstate. They used an appealing combination of colors and images that also met the established requirements. The team worked very quickly, took a collaborative approach, and was responsive to critique and feedback.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Please describe your organization. What are your role and responsibilities?

I’m the president of an executive coaching and leadership consulting company. It’s pretty much a one-person business but if I get a large contract I subcontract with other individual coaches.


What was your goal for working with Propoint?

I wanted to clean up my branding and make it represent the value a coach can bring. When I started in 2006, I just threw my branding together, and I hadn’t spent much time to create nice graphics. I took a class and learned about the power of good presentations and that’s what sparked me to get a professional to help me with my graphics. I wanted templates and icons created ahead of time so that when I needed a presentation, I could count on a partner to provide them.


Please describe the scope of their work.

Propoint created the title page and presentation format for all of my presentations. I use that title page each time I present to give my presentations a common look and feel. Propoint did a great job on that title page. They provided the right colors and the right images that matched the requirements I had.

What was your process for selecting Propoint with which to work?

I called two companies. Both were referred to me by Duarte Communications. I vetted both of them and liked Propoint better.


Is there anything unique or special about Propoint that really makes them stand out compared to other online marketing companies?

Propoint works very fast. They gave me two designers to work with. If there was something I didn’t like about what they proposed, they understood intuitively what I meant. I thought they were really good at understanding what I was saying.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or that you might do differently?

I’ve never worked with creative graphic professionals before and I didn’t know how much I could push back. They did some things I didn’t like. But, I was inexperienced in the language I needed to use. When I started to use the right language we started to connect.

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