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We are an integrated advertising agency; innovators in creating, building, managing and growing brand value. Because the advertising and marketing landscape has changed forever, we communicate however and wherever your brand requires.

And since we know where we're going with your brand, and the road to get there, we produce high-quality engagement experiences across any and all media channels, and we pride ourselves on keeping one finger firmly on the pulse of new technologies and developments and finding creative ways of using them to reach your customers. Born in 2013 in Qatar, our company is composed of a team of brand strategists and design industry professionals with a diverse experience spanning the design, branding, marketing, media, digital media and publication fields. Armed with a deep understanding of the cultural, religious, and commercial sensibilities of the region, we work collectively to provide an innovative approach in the development and execution of consumer-driven brand strategies. Our team is immensely qualified to manage the essence of your brand and translate it into profits.

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Direct marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world today. When this marketing method is combined with mobile technology, the ROI shoots to the roof.
Statistics show that SMS has a remarkable 98% open rate within three minutes of receiving the message. No other marketing media in existence can be as efficient as SMS marketing. That is why discerning businesses are using SMS marketing to acquire

business leads and engage their existing customers.

Although there are various messaging technologies in the world today, most are flawed with distractions. People have come to realize that only serious messages come in through SMS, so they pay attention when an SMS arrives. So, Bulk SMS is at the forefront of mobile marketing and plays a crucial role in gaining a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

The Story

We as M&M believe in creativity and new ideas, we were always blessed with our customers because they believed in us and in return we always believed in them which made our job easier to succeed as all the efforts we put in daily basis we know where it will lead at the end. 

We work only with after we plan, we know from where we are starting and where we are heading. 

With us you will have results and thats


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