Technology & IOT Costumer Support in Austin Texas

MindStart offers a unique approach to customer support for leading companies. Based in Austin, Texas, we provide super friendly and highly informed support to the world's leading companies. We are big enough to have the experience and knowledge to support your clients, but small enough to provide the necessary individual solutions. And, we're always looking for ways to interact with your customers the way they prefer, which is often done through self-service solutions.


Get in touch with mindStart to talk about our solutions that are as individual as your company. We provide excellent technical support, billing and "whatever" to your customers, so you can focus on the most important thing: implement your project and provide the innovation your customers, investors and equipment expect.

Its products include: Outsourced customer service, including contact center (telephone, email, chat, social networks, others) and other outsourced commercial services.

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Austin, TX
  • 6300 Bridge Point Parkway Building One, Suite 550
    Austin, TX 78730
    United States