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‘Ovida’ Energy Industry Brand Identity Development Image

‘Ovida’ Energy Industry Brand Identity Development

Mind Methods was selected as the brand agency to lead the brand development and naming project for a sub-brand owned by established energy company, Jemena with a mandate to create a completely new brand identity.

Jemena is a large established company within the energy industry. They own and operate a diverse portfolio of energy and water transportation assets across the east coast of Australia, with more than $10.5

billion worth of major utility infrastructure. 

Jemena were seeking to launch a new product offering under a separate sub-brand that required its own complete brand strategy and brand identity. With this decision came the need to develop a unique brand name for the sub-brand.

Seeking external support to help develop this new brand, Jemena eventually selected Mind Methods as their brand agency to lead their Brand Development project.

In the end, we were incredibly pleased with the outcomes of this brand development, but most importantly, the client and all stakeholders were equally impressed and satisfied that it is “their brand” which reflects their mission and represents who they are, what they do and what they stand for.

From the development of their name and tag lines, to the design of their logo, colour schemes and branded assets, it was essential for Mind Methods Agency to stay true to the values, objectives and overall positioning of this business and new brand. The feedback from the team at Jemena was that this was effectively achieved, which is a very important metric for us here.

The Ovida business is now set up with a robust new brand that can be managed and controlled both internally and externally through their formalised brand guidelines.

Dynamic website launch for premier Sydney hospitality brand promoting events and spaces  Image

Dynamic website launch for premier Sydney hospitality brand promoting events and spaces

Mind Methods were tasked to create a website that would showcase the Navarra Venues brand and be a dynamic communications tool. Our challenge was to combine five branded websites into a single Web portal ensuring SEO traffic would increase whilst providing a positive and logical user experience. 

Mind Methods was tasked with setting a brand and communications strategy for premier hospitality brand, Navarra


With an expanding array of venues, event spaces and expertise to highlight, we pushed the importance of updating their web presence as their primary communications hub. 

At Mind Methods, we believe the website is the heart of brand and communication strategy. It should be search engine optimised to increase traffic from the target audience searching via their preferred search engine and help facilitate direct marketing campaigns and online advertising campaigns by providing landing pages and a logical user experience to educate audiences and push them further along the sales funnel.

Navarra Venues has 45+ years experience hosting world class events for esteemed brands alongside reputable partners. Our main challenge was harnessing that wealth of information into a digestible and user friendly website.

A mobile-responsive website was designed within a beautifully crafted framework that reflected the luxe reputation of Navarra Venues. We made sure to design it in an easy to navigate platform that allowed the client to update and populate the site as new photos and other assets became available, as well as ensuring that the website was scalable to accomodate an increase in both venue and service offerings. 

The website is currently integrated with other internal systems to manage the client database with scope for greater system integration. 

‘Access All Areas’ Campaign Image

‘Access All Areas’ Campaign

Mind Methods were chosen to run an integrated end-to-end marketing campaign for The University of Sydney's Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), taking three new courses to market and helping the faculty to achieve their new student enrolment targets.


  • Launch and fulfil enrolments of three new courses and one revamped bachelors degree.
  • Take the client’s current brand ideas
and bring them to life for a successful new faculty brand launch.
  • Re-brand a traditionally conservative University Faculty to appeal to a new student generation and create better engagement with prospective students.
  • Run an integrated campaign during the key decision-making period for school leavers in the months of December, January and February.
  • Generate awareness of new courses, to ensure faculty products are listed as preferences.
  • Encourage student applications for these new faculty courses.
  • Method:

    Mind Methods worked as the Marketing Department for FHS, working closely with the department head to deliver the desired results. Mind Methods agreed to work exclusively on this project with Sydney University.


    • Direct Mail
    • Research & Insights
    • Print Advertising
    • Online Marketing
    • Presentation Templates
    • Events Management
    • Point of Sale
    • Brand Development

    Campaign Results:

    1. Successful multi-channel campaign
    2. Successful rebranding (on/off-line)
    3. Deep insights through research
    4. Exceeded estimated course enrolments
    Hospitality Industry Billboard Campaign Image

    Hospitality Industry Billboard Campaign

    Nationwide advertising campaign promoting weddings at various Navarra Venues, including a new Sydney CBD location. Mind Methods Agency developed a campaign for Navarra Venues centred around promoting wedding space bookings at one of the five specialised venues: Le Montage, Curzon Hall, Conca D’oro, Oatlands House and a new Sydney CBD venue. Largely a branding exercise but also timed well to coincide with introduction of their
    new venue. The recent addition to their suite is an exciting space in the middle of Sydney, opening in late February. Billboards have a very limited exposure time in the larger formats, especially on highway billboards where the audience have merely seconds to digest the billboard message. Photography direction was an important requirement to swiftly deliver creative that communicated brand messages in a quick and digestible manner. The hero image selected evokes romance, glamour and prestige, which perfectly portrays the first class service Navarra Venues is renowned for. Additionally this campaign was promoted via social media, email marketing and via the newly launched Navarra Venues website.