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Millhaus is a creative agency for sports culture.

Sport and its cultures create emotions, experiences and stories that enrich life and make brands measurably successful.

We are shaping the transformation of sports marketing.

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Munich, Germany


Key clients: 



FC Bayern Basketball




Red Bull


Development of a novel video concept for Red Bull designed to reach a young target audience through as viral a distribution method as possible.

Within a very short period of time the clip, featuring freerunner Jason Paul, generated over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

BMW - BMW X1 K2 Powderride

Comprehensive concept development intended to attract attention to the BMW X1 amongst a young target audience with an affinity for freeriding. This was achieved through partnership with the renowned sporting equipment manufacturer K2.

The “Chase the Fox” campaign is inspired by the design of the special edition BMW X1 and encompasses the production of an integrated on- and offline campaign including both the production

of an elaborate online ad clip as well as the execution of a number of supporting brand experiences. The Fox was chosen as both a characteristic design element of the special edition X1 and as a theme for a special give away.

The BMW-Powderride Fox Tail is a cool VIP Pass of sorts in the form of a key ring that gives the holder access to countless free-ride activities throughout the whole winter season: free helicopter flights, first lifts on powder days, first-row parking or reduced price lift tickets.

The limited Fox Tails quickly became coveted must-have items amongst freeriders and the rich share value of the experiences authentically positioned BMW in a hard-to-reach target audience.

FC Bayern München Basketball - Playoff Campaign 2019 Image

FC Bayern München Basketball - Playoff Campaign 2019

Development of concept, key visual and activation ideas for sales support.

The 2018/2019 basketball season enters a decisive phase with the playoffs. FC Bayern starts as the clear favourite in the knockout matches, but of course also relies on the support of the fans.

With Millhaus’ claim “Achtung Playoffs! München ist unser Court” the FCBB marks Munich as home court – not only in the Audi Dome, but in the whole

city area. The key visuals are based on the visual language of the season campaign, which was also developed by Millhaus.

The team’s hero players were placed in scribbles of sights that had been converted into basketball baskets, thus illustrating the hashtag #münchenistunsercourt.

The attention-grabbing motifs hang as 18/1 at highly frequented locations such as the main railway station, Marienplatz and Stachus, but also as city lights and on advertising pillars throughout the city centre.

HIGH FIVE e.V. - Our CSR project Image

HIGH FIVE e.V. - Our CSR project

HIGH FIVE is a non-profit association initiated by Millhaus employees and dedicated to supporting children and young people.

The concept of HIGH FIVE is based on the conviction that sport – and in particular sports that create meaning and identity, such as skateboarding and snowboarding – can convey important emotional, social and integrative skills.

In the sports pedagogic programmes, girls and boys learn a

variety of new values and skills through physical experience, community and small and large challenges: body awareness and enthusiasm, creativity and individuality, fun and joy of life, patience and stamina, tolerance and respect.

Intensive efforts are made to encourage the participation of children and young people with special needs. The causes are individual and manifold: low income, social neglect, educational poverty, flight, parentless childhood, etc.

Millhaus shares the HIGH FIVE vision of a world in which children find their rightful place, self-confidently follow their ideas, set goals and also strive to achieve them on their own initiative. The award-winning association was founded in 2010 and has been supported and promoted by Millhaus from the very beginning.

HIGH FIVE is an official support project of the Laureus Sports for Good Foundation and project partner of the City of Munich (Department of Education and Sport, Social Department).

More information at

MINI - Brand Partnership Channel Islands Surfboards

The brand partnership between Channel Islands Surfboards and MINI International was born in 2014 with the aim of bringing the MINI brand to life in the world of surfing, sharpening the brand’s image and emotionally charging it for new and existing customers with a substantial brand story rooted in surf culture. In doing so, interactions were triggered in contexts that usually portray automobile manufacturers as not more than

transporters of people and things. It represented an opportunity to communicate through attractive images which were born out of surf culture, but which would also play to a wider audience. In return, the Channel Islands brand enjoyed an increased presence outside of the surf market.

As part of the brand partnership Pro Surfer Kalani Robb worked alongside Channel Island’s shapers to create an innovative new surfboard design that translates the MINI’s characteristic handling into an unbelievably agile and versatile board.

Channel Islands marketed the board in their own online shop and in over 660 surf shops around the world as “The MINI” – branded with the MINI logo and accompanied by the story behind the product – and have achieved above average sales figures since its launch. The surf community has organically spread the word of this unique design and its phenomenal performance on the water, generating an earned reach of nearly 8 million for MINI x Channel Islands content on Instagram alone (as of 7/2017).

Millhaus was the creative lead throughout the entire co-operation.

adidas - Creator Base

Conception, creative lead and event design for the activation of the global brand campaign “Creativity is the Answer” in the adidas key city Berlin.

The adidas football hotspot The BASE became the Creator Base during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The location, normally dedicated to Berlin’s youth and street kickers, offered every conceivable freedom for creativity, craftsmanship and subculture thanks to insta-worthy branding

and a fully equipped fashion studio. Over ten crews from the fields of sports, music and lifestyle gave their ideas free rein.

Furthermore, the crews get the opportunity and means to use “The BASE” for a day according to their ideas and to integrate their community. That way the base became a skatespot, a workshop location for girls, an eSports arena, an internet radio club and a Mexican hangout spot with a Mariachi band.

The resulting content was played via the adidas channels and used for digital OoH banners. Crews like SLS Music or Panna Match BLN were also seen in their self-designed jersey as larger-than-life projections on the walls of houses in their neighborhoods.

The relevance and authenticity of the “Creator Base” was reflected in the willingness of the participating crews to share the resulting content via their own channels and thus extend communication into the community. 70% of the online impressions achieved are earned media.