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We’re award-winning branding and packaging design specialists focused primarily on consumer product brands. We are best-known for our work in the food and beverage space; our clients also include wine and spirits, services, retail and restaurant, consumer electronics, health & beauty and more.

We understand the challenges of established brands, and what it takes to reinvigorate them in an increasingly competitive world, as well as the needs of emerging brands and the high stakes of entering competitive markets.

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Key clients: 

Bulbrite,, Freshpet, Schuman Cheese, Sigma Alimentos, Alticor, David's Cookies, Manischewitz, GLK Foods, Olli Salumeria, La Tienda

Jack & Pup Pet Products Image

Jack & Pup Pet Products

Jack & Pup is a brand dedicated to pet lovers, by meat experts. Their dog treats are made from responsibly sourced origins and are of premium quality. We created a dog treats brand identity and packaging design so it would appeal to pet parents who care what their pets consume.

Miller was tasked with brand positioning, strategy and naming. We created the brand identity, slogan, messaging and packaging design along

with a custom dog mascot illustration. The colorful, lively packaging conveys a wholesome and honest vibe that gives the brand a trustworthy positive tone.

The Jack & Pup dog treats brand identity and packaging work across a variety of products including bully sticks, chew bones and related dog treat products.

Jack & Pup premium dog treats products are sold nationally in specialty pet chain stores and online.

Fortress Port by Shirah Wine Co. Image

Fortress Port by Shirah Wine Co.

Fortress port wine is an intricately-rendered expression of the rich port wine inside the bottle. This foil-and-raised-ink port wine label feature tightly detailed elements add interest and whimsy, like the copper still, wrought iron scrollwork detailing and miniature corkscrews.

This limited-edition small run port sold out to collectors within a few months of release.

Nocca Gnocchi Packaging Image

Nocca Gnocchi Packaging

Miller was tasked with brand positioning, brand strategy, brand naming, identity and packaging design. We extended the identity across web and marketing materials for a cohesive and consistent brand voice.

The brand needed a differentiated brand position to compete with the entrenched US pasta category. We set out to own ‘convenience and speed’, marketing Nocca gnocchi as the Original 2-Minute Pasta™, and highlighting

the tender, appealing texture of this product.
Bo & Bon Confections Image

Bo & Bon Confections

Bo & Bon's visual identity took the form of a vibrant and multicolor palette that is at once diverse, yet disciplined. Limited-edition patterns were applied for some of the package formats like the truffle box and assortment gift boxes, to help keep the line interesting and unexpectedly fun.

We provided them with not just a striking visual identity, but also packaging diagrams and structural design details of a

highly specific and technical nature, that enabled them to produce their product line overseas within a rapid timeline (under 2 months), with virtually no errors.

The end result was a visual identity that is impossible to ignore, and helped them expand their product line without over-investing in packaging materials.


Olli Salumeria Brand Image

Olli Salumeria Brand

When a brand you create becomes a nationwide multimillion-dollar success, you know they’re a satisfied client. There is no better compliment when a brand returns to update their brand identity and packaging across a wide range of new products and marketing assets!

This is exactly what happened with Olli Salumeria, who came back to Miller to strategize and execute a sweeping brand refresh, building on the original

identity and packaging we created in 2010. The company, originally founded in Virginia, is now located in California in a state-of-the-art 80,000SF production facility. Olli products are sold nationwide.

The brand refresh covers new packaging for Olli’s range of slow-cured, artisanal salami chubs, pre-sliced meats, marketing materials, and point-of-sale assets.

Manali West Cannabis Image

Manali West Cannabis

Manali West is a California cannabis grower with unique, high-end cannabis flower strains. We developed a cannabis branding system to reflect the premium aspect of this exclusive brand.

A color palette of deep green and burnished copper lend a luxe vibe to this cannabis branding system. Consumers seeking a premium cannabis brand will understand that Manali West is among the best available, through luxurious cues that one

would expect from a high-end consumer brand.
Bee Seasonal Honey Packaging Image

Bee Seasonal Honey Packaging

Bee Seasonal is a honey brand that curates specialty honey from specific regions around the world. Each region is defined by a unique botanical fingerprint. The flavor and color of the honey is particular to that location, all clearly expressed on the honey packaging. In addition, the season of harvest is pivotal in the flavor and characteristics of the honey, which is also displayed on the different components of honey


Miller developed a unique brand position for Bee Season, centered around storytelling through the honey itself, where Every Honey Tells a Story™.

We designed the logo, brand identity, honey packaging for jars, honey packaging for boxes and a website.

Frisco Pet Products Image

Frisco Pet Products

Frisco™ pet branding and packaging design was developed exclusively for, a leader in online pet products. Miller was tasked with creating a brand name, brand positioning and branding and packaging design across a wide range of products in the pet care category.

The brand position is fun, friendly and approachable, featuring colorful illustrations and a dog with a real personality. The dog’s “thoughts” are

echoed in a playful piece of copywriting that speaks to the product benefits while connecting with consumers. This fun pet branding and packaging design served the Frisco™ brand very well as it continues to grow in popularity among consumers.