Online Business Solutions

metadist plans, creates and runs advanced online solutions for medium-sized companies worldwide. The team has strong online marketing experience and delivers lighting fast sites and apps for business-critical solutions.

From global inventory apps to optimized webshops: we develop in backend languages like PHP, Java, Python, and HTML5 with modern Javascript frameworks for scalable cloud-based integrations.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
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Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Key clients: 

GMK Brand Guides, Hemmersbach, K+N Office Solutions

Survey app in 2 languages Image

Survey app in 2 languages

Gathering informations about work processes and styles from companies to create recommendations based on survey results. Visualization of big data elements.

Global inventory app in 16 languages Image

Global inventory app in 16 languages

Large scale inventory and documentation app for a global service company. Enabling 5.700 engineers in the field to document their work and gather information in a structured backoffice.

Freelancer Platform Image

Freelancer Platform

Creation of a scalable team management platform for freelancers. Covering PHP backend development on AWS with JS frontend app in 2 languages.

Image and brand Image

Image and brand

Website development on enterprise CMS system for a leading German agency.