Think ahead.

MENT is a firm focused on the creation of digital products. We mainly provide services for start-ups, in Mexico and the United States, in the strategy, design, creation, development, maintenance and continuous improvement of their products.

We are a young and passionate team dedicated to the creation of high impact products. To achieve it, we focus not only on innovative technologies but also on connecting with people and maximizing the creation of value. For MENT, all of our clients are partners and we strive to collaborate in a close manner, and by doing so, assuring the delivery of benefits from our services.

Our focus on Start-Ups has allowed us to develop and improve our processes and methodologies for agile development. These processes align with the exploration and search of the product market fit through the use of scalable MVPs. 

We also help bigger companies in their innovation processes by helping them think and develop as startups do. Our know-how has allowed us to help clients in the creation of new customer experiences and modern way to operate. 

MENT does not only develops technology, but it integrates processes, teams, design, talent, and innovative technologies. 

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Mexico City, Mexico
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Key clients: 

Sensie: Sensie is a Florida based startup, focused on the detection of stress and improvement of peoples wellbeing through the use of data science and phone sensors. 

Qswimwear: E-commerce platform for the design of custom sportswear.

Nearshore Delivery Solutions: It is a partner technology firm that we work with to deliver product development services.