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Minsk, Belarus


Corporate site for MTBank

Web site for innovative product in agricultural area

Web application for pregnant women

Brutto Watch promotion page


The Belarusian-Ukrainian BRUTTO band was based on September 1, 2014, at once after the termination of existence of the Lyapis Trubetskoy band. The leader of BRUTTO is the former vocalist of "Lyapis Trubetskoy" - Sergey Mikhalok. Speed with which the group developed - very strongly pleased (and at the same time and surprised) fans: On September 1 - there was a clip to the Brutto song. On September 9 - there was a

clip to the Underdog song. On September 12 - release of a full-fledged album - UNDERDOG. Then, soon, the clip on the Weights song was presented. BRUTTO RADIO is started, and concert activity of group also began. In the structure of group, besides Mikhalok some participants from Lyapis entered, namely: Denis Sturchenko (bass guitar), Denis Shurov (percussions). And since December, 2015, sessionno at a concert as a part of BRUTTO make the concert program "BRUTTO & LYAPIS" - Ivan Galushko (trombone) and Vladislav Senkevich (pipe). A producer of group is Anton Azizbekyan. BRUTTO is an abbreviation and it is deciphered so: B - Crew of R - Revolutionary U - Waste and T - Creative T - Repulse of name O - Ornella Muti!


Development of landing for the advertising campaign of separate merch of a product


Design, UX/UI




Travelling discounts web service

B2B credit web service for MTBank


CJSC "MTBank" was established on March 14, 1994 and became the first ATM in the Republic of Belarus with the participation of foreign capital. Currently, customer service is carried out in 127 bank branches throughout the country. CJSC MTBank is a member of the Association of Belarusian Banks, the Community of Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications (S.W.I.F.T.), the international payment

systems VISA International and MasterCard. From the beginning of its operations, the Bank is universal and has a reputation of a reliable bank on the Belarusian market. Currently, the Bank is one of the leaders in issuing bank guarantees in favor of BAMAP. MTBank actively cooperates with OJSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus and international financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Netherlands Financial Development Company (FMO), AKA Ausfuhrkredit-Gesellschaft mbH, international financial institution NEFCO (Finland), German investment fund IIV Mikrofinanzfonds, etc. Also since 2006, MTBank has been the first bank-participant of the UN Global Compact in Belarus - a generally recognized UN initiative in the field of corporate social responsibility.


Development of landing for the advertising campaign of a separate banking product


  • CMS Wordpress
  • Prototyping, UX
  • Design, UI
  • Imposition
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • SEO-optimization settings
  • Сonvenient and clear system of a filtation of goods
  • Virus protection