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Mantreza Technologies is a leading mobile app, web and mobile games development company. We are an ISO certified company, we have successfully bagged 700+ projects, building lifetime relationships with over 100+ happy clients, for providing IT solutions to every industry sector out there.

With the employee strength of over 100 mobile & web developers, designers and marketing experts working from our head office in Noida, we hail from a background of specialising in Mobile Apps, Games, Web Portal, Ecommerce, Custom Business Applications, Software Development using latest technologies as per the current and changing trends. Our expertise lies in Open Source Technologies, CMS’s, Microsoft Technologies, iOS, Android, Hybrid and other related trending tools and technologies.

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Service lines
  • Digital Strategy
  • Product Design
  • E-Commerce Development
Client focus
  • Small Business (<$10M)
  • Midmarket ($10M - $1B)
  • Enterprise (>$1B)
Industry focus
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Business services
  • Consumer products & services
Mobile platforms
Mobile focus
Frameworks and CMS
Programming & scripting
Ecommerce systems
Application platform
Print Design Focus
Product Design


Key clients: 
Panasonic Seekit Editorji
editorji || A.I. based News App Breaking News, Cricket, Tech, Video News Image

editorji || A.I. based News App Breaking News, Cricket, Tech, Video News

News that fits you! Choose your language, and switch between video, text & audio. Editorji app offers everything an avid news consumer is looking for - breaking news, latest headlines, trending news stories and in-depth coverage of sports, entertainment, showbiz, fashion, gadgets and technology.

Download India's best video news app to watch the latest news & breaking news on the go. Politics, business,

sports, entertainment, food, fashion & more, personalised to your tastes & preferences.

What's more, editorji allows you to create your own newslist and share your opinions with fellow users!

Don’t like a video? Simply swipe left.

News junkie? Keep yourself informed with our quick and snappy videos on the latest & trending news in India and around the world in the language of your choice.
Panasonic Seekit || Distance measuring app with Bluetooth LE 5.0 Image

Panasonic Seekit || Distance measuring app with Bluetooth LE 5.0

This is a Panasonic application. With Panasonic Seekit, keep track of all your valuables always. Seekit comes with cutting Edge Bluetooth Technology (Bluetooth 5), for best in class battery usage & stable connection. With Customer-Centric features like voice alerts on Separation, forgetting your things will become virtually impossible. Tag your keys, your wallets, your camera or any other belonging to keep them safe,

always. Use your phone to make Seekit buzz and glow to help you find your misplaced belonging. Find your phone by pressing the button on the Seekit device. Separation indicator will remind you when you are forgetting your belonging behind. Crowd GPS will help you track your valuables even when you are far away
Keepook || World of Promises Image

Keepook || World of Promises

Keeping a promise makes you feel strong! Your promises matter to those who care about you. Keepook is that little nudge we all need. The app is fun and easy to use. Whether your promises are fun or life-changing, use Keepook to make them. Break or create habits, put a smile on someone’s face, or complete that assignment. There is no limit to the promises you can make on Keepook. Every well intended promise kept, makes the world

a better place. Let the Keepook community support you reach your goals. Get real time feedback on your promises. Build support. Build your reputation. Be the best you can be and get rewarded for keeping your promises.
We can make the world a better place one kept promise at a time. Our battle-cry, if you mean it, Keepook it!
Also calling all organizations - If you care about transparency, engagement and accountability you need Keepook. You get the added benefit of creating causes and raising pledges on the platform.
The world needs you to download Keepook.
Benefits & Features
Keepook community – It’s easy to connect with others. Just sync your phone contacts and invite friends to join. You can also follow public profiles and keep track of their public promises. You can also build your follower base and post your public promises to the Keepook community.
Promises – Create promises with individuals, groups and organizations. Select the recipient (s) and promise type. Make the promise for a due date. Once the promise is accepted, voting is triggered on due date. You can request early voting on any promise.
Promise Types – There’s a promise for that! Choose from eight promise types. These are grouped into promises to yourself, one-on-one promises and group promises.
Choose the promise types based on your need and level of expertise. IPW is the only public promise type.
Promises to yourself: I promise Myself (IPM) and I Promise World (IPW).
Appleton Group || HobyClean Customer App Image

Appleton Group || HobyClean Customer App

HobyClean is World’s first global e-laundry system providing access to a network of cost
effective, efficient and high-quality laundry services to customers at their doorsteps.
We Pick Your Clothes
Need someone to do your laundry? HobyClean got you covered. Book a pickup online or with our app, we’ll bring a bag.
We Wash Your Clothes
Rest in assurance that we are the best e-laundry service to your

Delivery at the Doorstep!
We deliver your garments back to you within 48 hours form pick up.
Pixellot Viewer || Video Broadcasting Solution Image

Pixellot Viewer || Video Broadcasting Solution

Pixellot provides a full broadcasting solution for amateurs, rights holders, broadcasters, sports leagues, clubs, coaches and consumers, offering unique, interactive and immersive viewing experiences.The Pixellot system consists of a proprietary device – Pixellot’s unique panoramic camera head - and standard computers that run Pixellot’s proprietary algorithms.The system can be installed at a venue, providing automatic video

coverage at predefined times.As the panoramic head captures a high-resolution video of everything happening on the venue at all times, nothing is ever missed. Replays of otherwise hidden areas in the field can be carried out, even if they were not at the focus of attention during the event itself.Users are able to stream the event live, or capture it with the camera head and view it after the event has finished. They can broadcast and share their own events via this mobile app, or the web.Users can choose to see any portion of the event they want, using Pixellot’s App.The App cannot broadcast anything that you did not capture with Pixellot’s proprietary camera head in the first place.


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Mobile App Dev for Construction Company

"They are always excited to work on something new. Customer support is what we would say the best in Mantreza."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Jan. - July 2020
Project summary: 

Mantreza Technologies Private Limited developed a mobile app for a construction company. The app features voice messaging, document sharing, location sharing, payment system integration, and a rating system.

The Reviewer
10,000+ Employees
Eshwinder Singh
Senior Business Analyst, Hyundai Engineering & Construction
Not verified
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The app was launched successfully along with the completed automation tool for the project. Mantreza Technologies Private Limited's team is very hardworking. They provided great customer support with fast replies and amazing inputs. Customers can expect top-notch services from the vendor.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I'm the Senior Business Analyst at Hyundai Engineering & Construction.


For what projects/services did your company hire Mantreza Technologies Private Limited?

Once we tested their technical competency, we felt confident that their skills aligned with our needs. Mantreza developed an iOS/Android app that allows customers to learn more about travel destinations. 

What were your goals for this project?

The goal of the project was to give a total online experience to the travel industry and also to make there services & experience much better.


How did you select Mantreza Technologies Private Limited?

After proposing our idea to Mantreza, we discussed the app with the technical team, and they gave us a quote. We then presented them with a demo and development plan, which their project manager used to establish regular milestones.

Describe the project in detail.

The app features two modules: a customer side and agent side. After registering, customers can view a detailed list of available agents on the home screen. They can then select a agent exchange information, and interact with them (e.g., chat, photo, video).

Agents must also sign up to act as local guides. They submit their personal details and payment information through the app for an admin to approve. Once they join the agents network, they’re free to accept or deny guide requests from customers.

Other functionalities include voice messaging, document sharing, and location sharing. Mantreza also integrated a payment system along with a rating system so that customers could rate each user.

What was the team composition?

They assigned a Project Manager, two full-stack developers, a tester, an Android/iOS developer, and a database administrator.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

The whole travel automation tool worked very well for our project. It gave us so many things that can be accessible remotely and can also tackle the problems faced by the visitiors on the go.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Their technical team is hardworking, and they suggested ways to improve our project model to make it more efficient. I was most impressed by their input and fast replies.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

The amount of exposure they have into the automation & business development is top notch. They have catered there services in various industries. They are always excited to work on something new. Customer support is what we would say the best in Mantreza.

Are there any areas for improvement?

Budget was a bit an issue in the beginning but according to the quality of work it was worth it.

Overall Score Good Company if you are serious about your project. On time delivery and code quality is up to the mark.
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    There was some delay but that was also worth it because to achieve such goals. A bit of R&D was required and because of that it took a bit longer then
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    As mentioned above, it was a bit off budget but once we received the deliverables it was okay according to the quality work.
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    Quality was more that what we have expected. There are no remarks for the quality, even they have Q&A Team to maintan quality in what they deal in.
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    I would definately recommend Mantreza to everybody from a small size startup to an enterprise.