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Managed Solution provides Integrated IT solutions by creating an IT journey that's tailored to your business needs. We provide a full assessment of your current IT environment and deliver the innovative solutions needed to solve your complex business challenges at every stage of the business lifecycle. 

We integrate our technical skillsets and the right resources with your team to discover your challenges, diagnose the problem areas, and custom design, deliver and execute on a comprehensive technology roadmap, based on your needs, that makes you more secure, compliant, and efficient. 

Optimizing your existing resources and integrating them with our team of experts, allows you to put more focus on your business objectives while we provide strategic and quality support. As a result, you will have more controlled costs, reduced turnover, and stable high-performance technology. Your success is our success, and our goal is to have technology empower your teams and help take your business to the next level. 

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Office 365 Migration

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and top Cloud Service Provider, we've migrated many businesses and thousands of users to Office 365, and we do so in 4 phases:

1. Design
2. Build
3. Test
4. Deploy

It begins with understanding the client requirements and current infrastructure, then planning and designing the implementation. Once reviewed and approved, the actual implementation occurs which

includes setup and configuration of the O365 environment. Once configured, it is tested to verify the functionality and all results are captured for review. Once the testing is finalized, the environment is turned over to the client with knowledge transfers.
Azure Migration Assessment Image

Azure Migration Assessment

Why use Azure Migrate? Azure Migrate helps you to:
• Assess Azure readiness
• Get size recommendations
• Estimate monthly costs
• Migrate with high confidence

High-Level Assessment
This assessment involves deploying a virtual appliance in your VMware or Hyper-V environment. and allows us to look at right-sizing workloads, CPU, RAM, and storage. In our to get an

accurate “Performance-Based” assessment,  this requires a 1 week minimum to get the confidence rating.


Deep Dive Assessment
This assessment includes deploying a virtual appliance in your VMware or Hyper-V environment along with installing agents on
your actual servers. This gets you everything from the high level assessment plus the visualization into the dependencies between
servers and what communications are between the servers.

Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll be able to:
• Assess Azure cloud readiness
• Get size recommendations
• Estimate monthly costs
• Migrate with high confidence
• Discover on-premises VMs & app dependencies
• Mitigate VM migration issues with built-in guidance
• Adjust & optimize cloud resources based on utilization
• Get tool recommendations to use for migration
• View dependencies to group VMs effectively for migration

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Windows AutoPilot

Our certified engineers will get you up and running on Windows AutoPilot & Intune Proof of Concept. Here’s how:
• Set up & configuration of up to 15 devices
• Configuration of Windows 10 Intune Enrollment
• Configuration of Windows 10 Hybrid Azure AD Join
• Configuration of Windows 10 Autopilot Hybrid Azure AD Join
• Test & optimize on all the above
• Deploy up to 15 devices for

Proof of Concept

Learn about what Managed Solution's services entail.

From Google Apps to Office 365 (Santa Margarita Ford)

When Santa Margarita started to grow rapidly, they had a variety of challenges. They needed a reliable and secure email, be able to schedule internal meetings, video and audio conferencing, an online collaboration hub for all employees to access. Learn about their successful migration from Google Apps to Office 365.

As Wardell Builders' preferred technology partner, Managed Solution supports them in the servers, workstations and more. We've provided help desk support and a variety of solutions to support their business growth, no matter where they are or what device they are using.