MajorDesign is a group of professional communication, media and graphic designers. We believe in good, old values: the power of images, entertaining stories, excellent quality and respect for customers and consumers. We produce animations and videos in various lengths and styles to present, explain and promote products and services.

Through our comprehensive Socia Media Management, we can incorporate memorable visuals, animations, movies and lyrics into your communication strategy.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
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Vienna, Austria


Key clients: 
AEGON Netherlands, Amadeus IT Germany, Tetra Pak, Nagarro, UNIDO, TedX

Campaign for the paper industry to get young manpower in the companies.

Nagarro - Anecon Explainer

We have produced this clip for Nagarro-Anecon, the software developer company. The aim was to show how important software automation can be and witch solutions are proposed by the company. Because automation often seems to be so hard like rope dancing for an elephant. But not with A2A....!

Explainer - Construction Industry

Presenting the Degewo company and its construction plans in Berlin.