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Magento professionals with vast experience in e-commerce area and web development in general. We work on both clients' projects and own solutions, and we know the industry inside out

There are  100+ people onboard in our offices in 4 counries: USA, UK, Norway and Ukraine (where all our development is concentrated).

Our typical projects are:

  • complex migrations from 3rd party platforms to Magento - with thousands of products, orders and customers, custom features and integrations
  • internationalized, global e-commerce websites with responsive design, multiple stores, languages, currencies, mobile and SEO-friendly, with RTL layout (for middle east markets)
  • B2B and C2C/marketplace websites for niche markets, with region- and industry-specific features, designed for the best user experience of target audience

We help bigger agencies with staffing by providing them dedicated teams of trained Magento developers and we help online merchants to be more successful.

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Magento 2 Child Care Products Store Image

Magento 2 Child Care Products Store

An organic child care products store in an eye-pleasing watercolor style. A sophisticated design that displays all the vital information for young parents: list of ingredients and medical certifications, manufacturers, pediatrician and dermatologist tests, etc. was spiced with engaging animated elements.

Also we customized Magento 2 Checkout and synchronized it with ApplePay as a preferred payment method of the target

audience. We’ve implemented a set of marketing features to promote child care products: a brand new Refer to a Friend bonus system and integrated the store with external ESP system Klaviyo that gives an opportunity for most flexible and client-oriented email-marketing strategy.

Customers were also granted a possibility to subscribe for a monthly delivery of child care products.

Magento Store for a Car Tyre Retailer Image

Magento Store for a Car Tyre Retailer is a Magento store selling car tyres online. Its greatest feature is a custom search that allows customers to look for tyres if they know the exact size or if they only know their car model. Suhail Abbas, our client, already had the idea for the search feature, and together we developed it further, worked on the designs and in the end created a nice-looking and easy-to-use Magento site.

Tea and Coffee Store Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Image

Tea and Coffee Store Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

The Tea & Coffee company is a family business, grown from a small tea and coffee shop to a Magento multistore selling the most extensive range of teas and coffees available online. Our team had two ultimate goals to accomplish.

The first goal was to perform a migration of the website from Magento to the Magento 2.2.0 platform. This idea was to help our client move the site to a newer more robust platform

version with all it’s advantages, as well as preserve all the integral business data like customers, products etc.

The second goal was to create new designs for the website meeting Magento 2 best practices, but keeping the existing and recognizable look and feel of the brand from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was quite a complex, challenging, and time-consuming process that included the migration of:

Orders, invoices, shipments

Customer data

EAV attributes data

Notification data

Product & category data

Custom data (e.g. Reward Points)

Code migration

The development team encountered challenges with the Data Migration Tool and found that it had a number of shortcomings.; so the team amended this tool to work for us. Along with that, there were issues with EAV attributes transportation that mapped in a non-ideal way in Magento, so the team created a special script to get this fixed. To make a long story short, we had lots of issues with data transfer that were resolved by database & migration tool amendments.

Magento Popcorn Ordering Online Store Image

Magento Popcorn Ordering Online Store

Heavily customized Magento website for popcorn online ordering. Product configurator/constructor with several steps and many options, responsive template, GPS tracking integration, advanced email marketing. Our team was responsible for implementing responsive design and custom functionality development on Magento platform.

Magento Store Development for a Leading Norwegian E-tailer Image

Magento Store Development for a Leading Norwegian E-tailer

Gaitline is a Norwegian footwear company selling sport shoes to several countries. To boost sales, the company management decided to create an ecommerce website targeting B2B and B2C customer groups from different countries. The store is pretty standard in terms of front-end functionality, but there are a few back-end features that required custom Magento development.

Gaitline is set up as a multistore Magento site: one

Magento installation manages 7 websites targeting customers in different countries. Each site has its own default currency — NOK, AED, DKK, EURO, GBP, SEK and USD. This kind of website structure allows the admin to set up different pricing for products and bill the customer’s credit card with the local currency instead of the default store currency — respectively, no currency conversion is involved.

To avoid customer confusion and save the shopper one action (switching between the sites depending on the selected currency), we have installed an IP detector extension that identifies the shopper’s location and automatically redirects him to the respective site. For example, if the customer from Norway wants to buy shoes and lands on Gaitline site, he sees the NOK website, and when he makes a purchase, the order amount is charged in Norwegian krones.

Magento Store for a Diving Equipment Retailer Image

Magento Store for a Diving Equipment Retailer

Our client requested a full-site redesign to change the look and feel of their diving equipment store and add a bit of modernity to the presence it has in the industry. We came up with a responsive design that was based on an Argento theme and created a custom 404 page that blended perfectly with the target audience and played perfectly to the client’s vision.