Cinematic film production for nonprofit activities


Madeye is a not-for-profit organisation and a visual production company, specialized in film production. Madeye formally exists since 2015 and was founded as a Belgian asbl / vzw and recognised film production company in 2017.


Often today, commercial and corporate video is lame. Though it’s generally due to the costumer, asking for cheap unfashioned effects, only because some Forbes Top 50 company did the same 5 years earlier. Madeye specializes in production for other non-profits, public, humanitarian, cultural or educational organisations. From documentary films to designing a Facebook event cover, we like to be original but up-to-date, if not in the future.

We do graphic design, photography and audiovisual content.


Madeye is based in Brussels, Belgium. Our headquarters and little studio are located on the prestigious avenue Louise, though this was not by choice. As we’re proud to emphasize our Brussels identity, the capital is also a symbol of European identity and important international diversity. While we operate in English, Dutch and French, the majority of projects we’ve completed were international productions with parts shot in different countries or for foreign clients.


Madeye was founded in 2015 by Thibault Becquaert when he was 16 years old. After a few years of directing videos and assuring communication for increasingly bigger institutions, from his school to the city of Brussels and international organisations, the idea with Madeye was to create a solid framework in which to continue producing while retaining the concept of contributing to social ideas, therefore providing content for and collaborating with institutions of public, humanitarian, cultural and educational nature.


$50 - $99 / hr
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Brussels, Belgium
  • avenue Louise 399
    Brussels 1050


Key clients: 

Our main clients include universities, public institutions, museums, foundations and international organisations.

Xavier Douroux and Thérèse Legierse discuss the translation of the name and the process of Les Nouveaux commanditaires. Video interview under the Focus series for the international organisation of the New patrons.


Commissioned by
Société internationale des Nouveaux commanditaires

Antibes, France
Brussels, Belgium