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We were founded in 1967, but only within the last decade did we discover our true purpose as an agency. By working with companies on a mission to make a change for the better, we found a mission of our own: To use every ounce of our talent and tenacity to help brands deliver on their promises. As a result, something amazing happened. Every day, the health and happiness of the people who work here, the people we work with and the brands we represent, grows.

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Growers: The Future of Growing Cannabis, Based on the Past Image

Growers: The Future of Growing Cannabis, Based on the Past

We got a crash-course on the science of growing cannabis while working on this new packaging and site design for Growers — a Colorado company that sells soil and nutrients designed to grow the most verdant cannabis crops.

Growers combines the handcrafted art of cultivation with emerging technology to produce a consistent and effective product. To show that the details are in the dirt, we created packages with a

vintage industrial style combined with playful type treatment.

“Chip Baker, who founded the company, grew up on a farm and has been perfecting soil and fertilizer from his own cultivation of cannabis. We wanted to showcase his vast knowledge and utilization of cutting-edge technology, as well as his colorful personality, with this brand,” said LRXD Creative Director Andy Dutlinger. “We want cannabis growers to understand that these products are the future of growing, but are derived from many years of agricultural heritage.”

We included detailed information about Growers soil and techniques on their new website.

Head to our website to learn more:

We're excited to be continuing our campaign for Face It TOGETHER, this year with the addition of outdoor boards. The brand's addiction recovery centers work to address the root causes of addiction, rather than just the symptoms.

Our digital ads use vintage neon signs to trigger a visceral response and quickly alert people to Face It TOGETHER’s offerings and expertise. Messaging targets both those with the disease, as well

as their loved ones who can also benefit from coaching.

LRXD creative director, Jamie Reedy, says the work aims to include everyone in the process of recovery. “We hope to get more people—loved ones, employers and those with addiction problems—to simply say, ‘Help me find a better way.’”

Find out more about this campaign here:

Our latest campaign for Zespri takes shoppers on an exotic journey to discover the often overlooked yellow kiwifruit. We worked with animation collective Tulips and Chimneys to create a hyper-real CG rainforest to show the adventures that can happen when one ventures off the beaten track. Instead of the usual flora and fauna, this New Zealand rainforest is populated by winged spoons, dancing kiwi birds, and oversized SunGold

Kiwifruit for shoppers to collect.

Our creative work was lead by the goal of getting consumers to “let their taste wander." LRXD Creative Director, Jamie Reedy says, "This campaign shows how intriguing and rewarding it can be to venture out of your fruit rut and put Zespri’s yellow kiwifruit in your shopping basket. For those who have never heard of a yellow kiwi—the majority of the U.S.—we wanted to announce this fruit in the most visually stunning way possible and convey how much of a taste adventure it is to eat."

Raul Murguia, Head of Zespri Marketing for the Americas, said: “Thanks to LRXD’s creativity, collaborative mindset and strong digital capabilities, the agency has delivered a truly distinctive campaign that encourages consumers to mix up their shopping routine and discover Zespri SunGold."

Honey Smoked Fish Company's Packaging Redesign Image

Honey Smoked Fish Company's Packaging Redesign

We refreshed the Original Honey Smoked Fish packaging and five other flavors in the product line to be bold, modern, health-conscious and, yes, a little bit weird.

“Honey Smoked Fish Co. comes with a rich history, stemming from the founder who had a big personality that was ingrained into the quirky packaging and marketing,” said creative director Andy Dutlinger. “The new packaging is highly inspired by the

original, with a design that takes its cues from old fish market signage.“

Our research showed that transparency and relaying information were top priorities for consumers — which is reflected in the bold pronouncements that cover the package. “Freshness is our main ingredient,” it reads, “Well, that and cooked salmon.”