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Key clients: 
Haldiram’s, Coca-Cola, Indus (Canada), Pattu (Singapore), IIM Udaipur (India), BookMyFood (India), Bharatji (India), Shotts (India), Payson Petroleum (USA), Sabi Foods (Malaysia), Almeer Saudi (Saudi Arabia), IRU (Switzerland), Royal Bhutan Agro (Bhutan)
Sun Village Image

Sun Village

Package design for a range of premium dairy products of Sun Village, a prominent diary cooperative based out of Rajasthan, India. The theme of traditional look-alike was chosen to stay true to the brand’s traditional roots of Rajasthan. Since the brand name has ‘sun’ in it, dotted straight lines that looks like sun-rays were strategically given right behind the logo above the product image in the package


Further, based on the product, certain elements have been additionally added. The mint flavored curd has been given strategically designed minty element with the colour of the same. Same goes for each product where the package has been thoughtfully designed to stand out on the shelf.

What's Unique?
The clear and neat brand visual positioning. The combination of contrasting earth colours being properly visible over the white background.

Anand Namkeen Image

Anand Namkeen

Anand Namkeen, an established FMCG brand in North Gujarat wanted to develop innovative food packaging for a clear and concise identity of the brand. For Anand’s specific category we created an exclusive product packaging design with the yellow colour to reflect the message of brand name itself. Anand means ‘happiness’ and yellow is known for symbolizing ‘happiness’. 

The tempting snack photos actually persuaded us

during the photography sessions but we swear we actually resisted and see how fulfilling they look on the packages! For popcorn packaging design, chips packaging design and other fryums snack packaging design we chose vibrant and joyful colours to attract the eyes keeping the brand logo and snack name as the face value.

What's Unique?
Consistency in any FMCG brand product packaging makes the brand influential. As snacks are fast moveable and consumable goods, we have made the packaging most distinguishable, so consumers with its unmistakable singularity can pick them up from the shelves at a glance.

Makomas Image


The Makomas Foundation was started by Magbè Savané, a native of Côte d’Ivoire to popularize the traditional African recipes that she used to savour in her childhood and were passed down from generation to generation. The healthy drinks are made through natural ingredients cultivated in sustainable ways with no added sugar, artificial colours, and preservatives.

Makomas wanted to translate the same authenticity of its

products into its design that evokes the feel, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” To create an aura of trust and hope around the product, the main source of the drink i.e. the Baobab fruit, Hibiscus, and Ginger are placed in an imposing yet appealing manner in design in a way that a shopper will first catch the view of this ingredient. Furthermore, he or she will be motivated to study the product in detail, consequently leading to a well-informed purchase decision.

What's Unique?
A clean and minimalist style that at a shot gives clear-cut information about the brand without having to use brighter shades and more elements to position the brand.