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Key clients: 

Paytm, Wipro, Mat.se, Kokaihop, CNN IBN,  Samtel Avionics,  Bird Group,  QC corner, TCYonline.com, Sony, Zefmo, Educomp, JK Paper, Excelonz, Inox Movies, Binsar Farms

Smartbox Brand Identity Image

Smartbox Brand Identity

Smartbox is India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals. Smartbox aimed to serve convenience to its customers by bringing in a fresh technological innovation into online shopping experiences.

Smartbox is a story of new-age shopping lovers thriving with modernisation and technology. The challenge was to make the brand look young and contemporary attaining a friendly persona, and making the customers feel

a sense of security with the brand at the same time.

We adopted the yellow colour used for public phone booths and public transport vehicles such as auto rickshaws as our primary colour to evoke mass appeal. To stand out as a positive force, we combined yellow with a vibrant blue to let the brand pick up a young age identity and look like a secure option. The choice of a uniform and structured typeface was made to picture solemnness and invulnerability of the brand.

MyMoneyMantra Branding Image

MyMoneyMantra Branding

Mymoneymantra has created a mark of excellence in providing best loan deals to its customers across multiple financial products. The brand has associations with leading banks and financial institutions in India to help the customers with better guidance while choosing a loan best suited for their requirements.

MyMoneymantra wanted a fresh identity that could resonate well with young urban householders and evoke enough


We worked to create an identity with a refreshing new approach that could stand out in the crowd. We made tagline the hero. The logo, which is quite a mouthful, was kept simple and bold with a focus on ‘money’. That tagline however, was treated in a new way by highlighting it more than the logo itself. The font was a bold serif that denotes reliability and authority. The green denotes finance, but a more younger version in a contemporary fashion.

We picked up a combination of yellow and green as part of the identity and supplemented it with photographs that look semi-candid. The entire marketing collateral including the Website user interface was revamped to bring in brand cohesiveness.

XSEED Collaterals Image

XSEED Collaterals

XSEED is an initiative of the innovative education company iDiscoveri that works towards advancing the education system in India with a mission to unleash potential in every mind. The XSEED program provides complete academic solution for schools uplifting the students’ interest and performance by improving the quality of teaching inside the classrooms.

Liquid Designs had worked with iDiscoveri earlier for designing the

visual language of its first ever curriculum. This time iDiscoveri reached to us to collaborate and come up with a parent booklet, teacher’s manual and a diary for XSEED based on the existing visual identity of the brand.

Imaging parents from all walks of life, we designed a parent booklet displaying crisp information that’s easy to understand and grasp. Similarly, considering teachers specialising in different subjects, we designed a teacher’s manual and a diary in a very simple and explanatory format. The information was broken and segregated to reduce complications and make it easily understandable.

Yatra.com Corporate Brochure Image

Yatra.com Corporate Brochure

Yatra is one of the largest travel agency and travel portal in India. It is the one stop travel search engine which assists the users with boarding and lodging booking solutions for their diverse travel needs.

Yatra approached us to meet its requirement of a corporate brochure that could be used as a part of their business or product promotion. Yatra had a clear intent to represent Indian culture and heritage in its

brochure that could communicate the right personality of the brand to its corporate partners.

We designed a corporate brochure for Yatra by using impressive imagery of Indian destinations, its heritage and tradition. We took inspiration from the Indian motifs and architectural design to give an interesting look and feel to the layout. The curved elements and shapes picked up from Indian motifs align well with Yatra’s logo.

Paytm Logo and Brand Identity Image

Paytm Logo and Brand Identity

Liquid Designs has been working as a communications design partner with Paytm since 2011.

Paytm is now one of the fastest growing brands of India and we have developed their logo and brand identity.

As one of the fastest growing FinTech companies in India (recently valued at almost USD 5 Billion), PayTM’s long term vision is “Making India a cashless economy”, and that involves penetrating into all economic

stratas of the country. This long term engagement began with us creating a new Logo for Paytm. Liquid Designs was brought in as a creative consultant for a year long project that involved re-defining the Visual Communication language for Paytm, as they grow at a phenomenal rate. With over 25,000 merchants, 2 million transactions per day across 20 business verticals, we had a goal of creating a cohesive brand identity that speaks one language.

Initially a B2B Enterprise solutions company, Paytm is now one of the fastest growing brands of India.

Samtel Avionics Logo & Brand Identity Design Image

Samtel Avionics Logo & Brand Identity Design

Samtel is India’s renowned integrated manufacturer specialising in high technology products, systems and equipment across various industries. 

Samtel had expanded itself into the avionics industry for providing equipment and systems for high end applications in armoured vehicles. Samtel had been using its parent logo for its avionics brand as well. Nevertheless, Samtel was quite aware that it required a fresh and

exclusive identity to cater the avionics industry which had some representation of its parent identity. 

Samtel, as a parent brand had collected huge amount of credibility in the past four decades. Keeping in mind the powerful influence of Samtel as a parent brand, we designed an identity for Samtel Avionics which carried Samtel’s personality but looked more edgy to represent the air force. 

The color was picked up from the existing Samtel logo and the initial was tweaked to make it look edgy. Similarly, the initial ‘A’ from avionics was designed to look comparatively sleek but more sharp and forceful that portrayed the cutting edge avionic technology offered by Samtel. 

We introduced graphical elements to design a futuristic visual language. The concept of connecting dots came with the idea to portray technological innovation and Samtel’s contribution in the construction of a complete and fully equipped system. The identity formed a clear reflection of Samtel’s personality and ambition.


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Rebranding for Avionics Subsidiary

"Their deliverables were high quality and matched international standards." 

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Aug. 2008 - June 2012
Project summary: 

After designing a company brochure, Liquid Designs spearheaded a brand redesign. They developed both digital and physical branding material including facility branding, presentation decks, and a new logo.

The Reviewer
51-200 Employees
Manisha Madan
Head of Corporate Communications, Samtel Avionics Ltd.
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The rebrand successfully installed a new business name and acronym. Liquid Designs responded to queries quickly and worked outside normal hours to prepare physical branding at a factory. Their ability to deliver on a short time frame and balance international and local concerns was outstanding.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I’m the head of corporate communications at Samtel Group. Our flagship company is Samtel Avionics Ltd. We’re involved in the design, development, and manufacture of systems and equipment for airborne and land platforms in the defense industry. I’m responsible for our global branding needs.


For what projects/services did your company hire Liquid Designs?

We hired Liquid Designs initially to design our brochure and our group’s websites. Later, when we decided to change our name and do a complete brand makeover, we engaged Liquid Designs. This latter project required designing a new logo/brand identity, creating a full brand portfolio, and handling facility branding for our new factory premises.

What were your goals for this project?

We wanted to give the company brand a slick, international look that conveyed our corporate philosophy. We’re an Indian company, so we wanted our branding to make that connection subtly, so as not to overpower our international image. Our brochures, handouts, stationery, and website had to reflect our new brand identity too.


How did you select this vendor?

A colleague of mine from a previous company recommended them to us. We considered two other vendors as well, but we chose Liquid Designs because of their superior design proposal and competitive cost. Our managing director and senior management officials made the final decision.

Describe the project in detail.

We decided to design our brochure when our core business diversified from manufacturing picture tubes for televisions to defense and aerospace products. Our new positioning and messaging had to align with that. Simultaneously, we tasked Liquid Designs with reviewing the eight websites Samtel Group oversaw to ensure they had a similar look and feel. Liquid Designs' team met with our senior officials and toured our production facility to gather ideas. They also handled photo shoots to update images of all our products.

Later, when we decided to change our name and branding, Liquid Designs submitted a proposal that matched our requirements perfectly. This was essential, as the project involved facility branding, and we wanted to move into our new premises within a week. To cater to our Indian element, they designed the six pillars in our main hall with Samtel’s core values described in a particular form of Hindu verse. Employees and visitors alike applauded the design and continue to give us good reviews. Liquid Designs also branded certain walls throughout our facility to reflect themes such as teamwork (design area), thinking together (conference room), and healthy eating habits (cafeteria).

The logo they created popularized our new acronym (SA, instead of SDS), and followed the same simple design principles that we cater to in our industry. Our brochures, stationery, websites, and PowerPoint templates all followed those same ideas.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

We successfully transitioned from ‘Samtel Display Systems’ to ‘Samtel Avionics,’ and are known globally only by our new name. We’re still using their brand identity guidelines today.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

We worked together smoothly. They worked remotely for the most part, but their team was available 24x7 for discussions. Slack was a great tool to turn things around quickly. They even met us in person for our brainstorming meetings.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

Liquid Designs' team came up with multiple ideas within a short timeframe and translated our ideas to designs rapidly. Their deliverables were high quality and matched international standards. They worked 24-7 to prepare everything in our new facility.

Are there any areas for improvement?

No, we didn’t see anything. They delivered everything we asked for to our satisfaction.

Overall Score My experience was very satisfying, and we never felt the need to find another agency.
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    The cost was slightly higher than our initial budget, but we were able to negotiate. Their quality was commensurate with the cost.
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    I've already referred them to a lot of friends and colleagues.