Strategy & Graphic Design

We're a branding and design agency. What we do is we leverage the power of your brand to help you reach your goals, according to your target audience and your market, based on your strategy. We ultimately increase your revenue.

Our system begins with a strategic meeting in which we determine what is your activity, who do you service, what is the current state of your business and where do you want to take it to, and in it we'll determine the specific steps to get there. Then the design stage starts, in which we'll create the tools with which take you towards your goals.

LION Branding is a small and very committed agency in which each project has a team that meets the client and answers at any moment, creates the material and follows the progress, and offers a personalized, interactive, flexible, trustworthy and goal oriented service. We want to be a part of your team. We want you to grow, and we want to grow with you.

$25 - $49 / hr
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Key clients: 

Facebook, United Nations Development Programme,

AlquilariPad | AlquilargafasVR | Rebranding Image

AlquilariPad | AlquilargafasVR | Rebranding

Rebranding project for the companies AlquilariPad and AlquilargafasVR, unifying their images and opening them up for future projects, and at the same time making their image morre easily recognizable and rememberable.

Rocksteady Boxing Gym Image

Rocksteady Boxing Gym

Rocksteady Boxing is a gym in which ambitious people help each other become stronger and more effective in life through boxing training and group accountability. We focus on boxing training as a fun and healthy activity but boxing is not the end, boxing is part of personal development. We make good fighters because good fighters make effective people and vice versa. We want our fighters to have their activity help their life,

and have their life under control so they’re motivated to and capable of fighting at their best in the ring as well as out if it. We join together health, competition and development to help healthy, active and ambitious people become their best and most effective selves, connecting several aspects of their life, reinforcing their identity and taking up less of their time so they can commit on a rocksteady basis. The fight is not just physical.
Big Child Brand Family Image

Big Child Brand Family

Branding and identity systems for Big Child Creatives and their two miniature lines.

Holidays Happen (Facebook Stickers) Image

Holidays Happen (Facebook Stickers)

A sticker pack for Facebook featuring ironic and decadent humor about December holidays.