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We will design original labels and packaging for you that will inspire your customers, encourage them to buy and make them want your products, whether it is a label or an outer packaging for cosmetics, wine or beer.

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Duesseldorf, Germany


Gesprächsstoff "topic of conversation" Image

Gesprächsstoff "topic of conversation"

Of all the drinks, wine is certainly the one that stimulates the most witty conversations. What is not all discussed over a good glass of wine? And how often has wine inspired great writers? Tucholsky wished to caress wine, Robert Louis Stevenson called it “poetry in bottles” and Goethe even thought a glass of wine was the “saviour in need”.We understand “Gespraechsstoff, which means conversation topic” as a trigger for

communicative situations, which can be the initial spark for interesting conversations. Wine has always been a medium for communication and so our focus of this label design was precisely this mediation of communication.The wine was bottled and labelled by the Reuther winery exclusively for Jacques’ Weindepot. It was sold very successfully in the stationary depots and online.
Just fucking good wine Image

Just fucking good wine

This wine label is unlike any other ordinary wine label. It clearly differentiates itself from the rest through its provacative message. It’s wording and typography represent a authentic punk mentality that is very unconventional for ordinary wine labels. Most other seem to adhere a kind of old-fashioned visual pattern from which this design seeks to break out. It is no secret that the aim is to provoke and therefore also catch

the consumers attention. However most of all it is a radical design that gets rid of any preconceptions that wine labels must follow a certain pattern. Unlike many other pretentious wine labels this one is authentic with a simple message.
 Glasweise (By the glass) Image

Glasweise (By the glass)

“Glasweise” (By the glass), a bag-in-box system (wine tube) for Rupperstberger Weinkeller is available exclusively from Jacques Weindepot. At the beginning of the project there was only the idea for a name: Glasweise. We have dealt intensively with the topic series (glass by glass) and the use of wine tubes.

The packaging design is a manifesto for diversity, multiculturalism and pluralism. In times of

resentment towards all nonconformities that have become popular again, in times when racism and nationalism seem to become socially acceptable again, “Glasweise” makes an unmistakable statement against this. It underscores and admires the otherness of each individual.

The packaging design is an expression of the inner attitude and exaltation of values such as cosmopolitanism, openness, and empathy.

The renunciation of a classic label scheme blurs the boundary between art and label. The label becomes art, art becomes label – the transition is fluid.

The bag-in-box system is suitable both for small enjoyment in between, a glass in the evening, and as a party dispenser. It is designed to fit into a refrigerator door as a 3-litre container. At a slight pressure of the thumb, it happily follows gravity into the glass or into the carafe. So often, so much and whenever desired. The wine remains unaffected even after oxygen has broken in and thus remains constantly fresh for many weeks. A glass for dinner, a spontaneous visit from friends or a picnic on the weekend, the last sip tastes just as good as the first. All that remains is the light vacuum hose and the cardboard box. Both can be disposed of in no time at all and are completely recyclable.

Development of a cosmetic brand with hyaluronic acid products Image

Development of a cosmetic brand with hyaluronic acid products

We developed the packaging design for Cotura. The marketing takes place mainly in China. The blue polygons are connected on the containers by golden lines, which leads to an even higher quality impression. The cardboard boxes were produced with a gold shimmering paper (Ice Gold) from the Arjowiggins Curious Collection and a hot foil embossing of the word and logo. The series consists of a total of 10 coordinated cosmetic

 Brand development and label design for Josefsbrauerei Image

Brand development and label design for Josefsbrauerei

The Josefsbrauerei in Bigge is the first handicapped accessible brewery in Europe and was founded in 2002 as an integration company. Most of the people working in the brewery are physically handicapped. The integration company produces 5 different types of beer and non-alcoholic beverages. The aim was to give the brewery a completely new and contemporary brand identity.

Wine Labels inspired by famous Artists Image

Wine Labels inspired by famous Artists

Label design of wine labels based on the style of famous artists. These labels represent the visuals styles of Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Wassily Kandinsky. They pay homage on these great masters.

The series could be largely expanded by additional labels inspired by other artists.