Creative Sound Design and Music Production Studio

Lineout is a creative sound design and music production studio working across animation, brand videos, films, games, apps, commercials, radio and all kinds of media products.

At Lineout studio, we help our clients tell their stories and our language is sound.

We know that sound matters and we know how to make brands sound different. 

Our goal is breath-taking sound design for every project we work on.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Kyiv, KV


Key clients: 

Xerox, Softserve, Kredobank, Prostor, Mojio, Upload, Bartnfink


Sound design and audio post-production for the LevelApp promo video which introduces the easy way to buy and spend crypto with Apple Pay.

Client: LevelApp
Video production: Hyper
Sound design & Post Prodution: Lineout Studio

The Birth of GIN

Amazing product launch animation video that introduces "By the Dutch" Gin. The story is showing the historical evolution of Gin and link between Gin and Genever. The playful animation is featured by the original old-style piano music and cool sound effects.

Client: By The Dutch
Production: Blue Carrot Animation Studio
Music and Sound Design: Lineout Studio

PaperMan and MachéGirl Smash the Holograms

Sound design, music and post-production for a cartoon series trailer performed in stop motion. 
The trailer fakes the traditional Hollywood movie trailers with the little puppet who doesn't get why he is in that trailer.

Client: ToonYouTV
Music & Sound Design: Lineout Studio

Xerox - Ready Install Process Overview

Sound effects for the XEROX explainer video, which provides a brief overview of Xerox remote device configuration process known as Ready Install.

Client: XEROX
Production: Bureau+
Sound Design: Lineout Studio


Music for the TV commercial of a large Ukrainian beauty brand PROSTOR featuring the national celebrity Oleg Vinnik.

Creative agency: Bart&Fink
Video production: Electric Sheep Films
Music: Lineout Studio

SoftServe: Future Generation of IT

Music and SFX for a fantastic video about secret IT department, where people of the future (who are kids now) are working. This video contains 4 original tracks, 1 remix and Hollywood sound-effects.

Client: SoftServe
Video production: KANTORA
Music and sound design: Lineout Studio

ONFO Revolution

Animated video for the new cryptocurrency Onfo with our music and sound design.

Client: Onfo
Production: Blue Carrot Animation Studio
Music & Sound Design: Lineout Studio

Creme de Ble

Music and sound design for a beautiful animation, which tells the story of a making a delicious home-made dessert. Your eyes and ears will enjoy the video!

Video production: KrateenTV
Sound design & music: Lineout Studio