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Lemonade Stand is a full-service digital marketing agency and the creators of Yalla, a team management and collaboration platform designed to help agencies provide transparency and measurable results to their clients. Because we feel so strongly about providing a high level of service to our agency clients, we have also dedicated ourselves to helping other agencies provide a high level of service to their clients through our Yalla platform.

When we created Lemonade Stand, we didn’t want to be like other digital marketing companies that focus more on their sales teams than they do on actually providing real internet marketing services with tangible results. Our goal was and is to restore some dignity to the internet marketing world.

Internet marketing is an important part of most businesses and we want to be a trusted resource for our clients and for other agencies.

We wanted to combat those companies that cold-call you all day using direct dialers with pushy, yet effective, salespeople. Those people that tell you they’re “from Google” to make them look authoritative. They lie about the number of customers they have in order to build credibility. They’re perfectly fine with losing you in the first three months after they’ve hit you with setup fees and placed you into complicated contracts. They hold your website ransom if you ever want to move on. They provide no transparency on pay-per-click budgets, hiding behind their mysterious “proprietary methods.” On top of all that, they’re slow and unresponsive. Their online reviews are horrendous both from past clients and internal employees, but they don’t seem to care because their sales teams are so convincing.

Lemonade Stand has no contracts, no setup fees, and completely transparent management fees. You’ll always know what you’re paying for and how well your campaign is working. 

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