Build the Best, Integrate with the REST

Left Hook Digital is a consultancy and development firm that specializes in software integration.

We serve two customers:

First, we help businesses with their custom integration needs and improving workflow.

Second, we help software & app companies leverage their APIs to enable more and better integration options for end users. We do this through Integration Platforms.

We love APIs and how they empower efficient and creative businesses. For a small team, we pack a lot of punches.

We write, code, pitch, and hustle. We measure, analyze, recalibrate, and improve. And most important, we learn fast – the true killer app of the digital age.

Our clients range from Fortune 1000 customers like Citrix to small boutique consultancies.

We're based at the edge of the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham, NH.

If your business needs to save time or grow, we can help.

(Left Hook Digital is formally known as ElliottRand Marketing and Communications.)

$150 - $199 / hr
2 - 9
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Durham, NH
  • 20 Madbury Road #3
    Durham, NH 03824
    United States
other locations
  • Boston, MA 02101
    United States