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From 2009 Lean Transition Solutions Ltd has helped organisations to leverage human and operational performance improvement, maximising the return on their investments using the lean methodology, techniques, and technology. We advise and oversee our clients with bespoke Lean Transformation programmes and along with the state of the art software solutions for lean practices. We are committed to eliminating waste, simplifying procedures and speeding up processes.

LTS have applied Lean into many different sectors, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, finance, marketing and HR. We innovate and implement Software Systems for Lean Management. We develop unique software solutions for our customers, these solutions help them to adopt and implement lean practices in the best way. Simplicity, Performance, User-friendliness, Reliability and Affordability are the key features of our Lean Software Solutions. In every step of implementation of Lean Software Systems and Lean methodologies, we ensure true (ROI) Return on Investment for our customers. Our Vision is to be an innovative global provider of sustainable lean interactions. To develop individuals to lean whoever they are, to the absolute best of their untapped ability. To be an amazing organisation to interact with where all employees, partners, customers, and individuals feel special.

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Worcester, United Kingdom
  • Cartwright Avenue, Harley Whitefort
    Worcester WR4 0NZ
    United Kingdom


Key clients: 

PCI Pharma, Hay-On-Way, UK

PCI Pharma, Philadelphia, USA

PCI Pharma, Bridgend, UK

Pearson Education, UK

TITAN Wheels, UK

TRP Sealing Solutions, UK

BBI Health Care, UK