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Lean Sensei International - considered by many companies across the country as an organization that delivers the “purest form of lean” - is the only company in North America which specializes in implementing lean philosophies strictly through coaching. Lean Sensei International does not operate as a consulting firm, but instead, it acts as a “sensei” (“coach”in Japanese) on a long-term basis to provide relentless, unbiased assistance as if it was an extension of your company.

It is also one of the very few companies in North America to have a true lean implementation experience directly from Toyota and Japan. A variety of manufacturing companies, from small, customized manufacturers to multinational corporations, are turning to Lean Sensei because of its in-depth lean knowledge and experience.
Lean Sensei International believes that every organization can attain world-class status through teamwork, dedication, commitment, and “yaruki” (“can do attitude” in Japanese).
Lean Sensei International has become the “benchmark” when it comes to its ability to deliver a variety of process improvement services through teams, from simple 5S projects to complex, corporate-wide supply chain initiatives. Companies across North America are finding that Lean Sensei’s approach of providing non-stop, relentless coaching is significantly more effective in sustaining changes than the traditional, push approach used by typical consulting firms.
Moreover, Lean Sensei performs almost all of its implementation work through your company’s own teams, to ensure that accountability, ownership, and knowledge stay within your organization long after the projects have been completed. No changes are ever forced onto the shopfloor or office environment without getting buy-ins.

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Key clients: 

"We compared LSI’s experience and knowledge to some of the largest consulting companies in the world, but no one comes close to LSI’s depth of knowledge or level of Lean experience." -Linda Bryant, VP, Global Operations Excellence, Johnson & Johnson | New York

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