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LAI Live is a full-scale live event production company based in Washington, DC that designs, produces, and manages live events of all sizes for a variety of different clients in various industries across the country.

We produce the platform for our clients to deliver their message and tell their story. LAI Live events enhance your brand and deliver success through seamless integration with your team. On site, our team works with trusted partners and suppliers to execute and manage a worry-free environment and create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

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IFA 2019: Creating A Buzz in Las Vegas Image

IFA 2019: Creating A Buzz in Las Vegas

Wanting to play off one of the hot event trends this year, FOMO, LAI Live designed a Media Booth that played host to a variety of activities. The main events each day were dedicated to in-depth interviews with key convention influencers—the CEO and Board Chair, Keynote Speakers, NextGen

Competitors, and more.

The segments were streamed on Facebook Live and offered the opportunity to build excitement for what was to come, recap learnings from what had taken place, and dive a little deeper into the stories of speakers, contestants, and the organization. The booth, situated in a prime location, provided an opportunity for attendees to engage with the influencers following their segment. When not being streamed, the LAI Video team used the booth as home base for attendee interviews and capturing additional event b-roll. The vibrantly-colored, branded space attracted attendees for photo ops and social media connections too!

Behind-The-Look: The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Event Branding Image

Behind-The-Look: The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Event Branding

Having tapped into the colorful landscape of Phoenix for their previous event last year, they were concerned that their upcoming event in our nation’s capital would become dominated by traditional red, white, and blue branding.

With programming focused heavily on politics, they chose the theme, Know the Score, to focus on the grittier end of data, stats, and outcomes with subtle sports metaphors.

Reaching for the Stars to Celebrate 100 Years Image

Reaching for the Stars to Celebrate 100 Years

We started by taking an overall look at the space and how we could create areas in the open courtyard based on the client’s need for receptions, dinner programming, and an after party. 

Focusing on the main stage, we opted for large 80’ drape suspended from the ceiling to highlight the marble columns, create separation, and have a grand entrance.  With a courtyard four stories tall, we designed a few scenic options with

large dramatic banners, some featuring industry imagery, that could suspend from the top story, down to the stage.  For another elegant add, the stage featured angled edges and built-in stairs with a large 100 strategically placed in the background for all photos.  The space was lit 360, even the fountain in the center of the space was splashed with a patterned gobo.  To thank sponsors in a unique way, we utilized thin LED billboards in the VIP and main reception that looped custom-sized graphics.  The reception featured a large 100 years gobo on the drape, a spotlight on a suspended airplane, and entertainment lights for the band.
Employee Owned 2019 Image

Employee Owned 2019

When LAI Live client, The ESOP Association, was transforming their annual Las Vegas conference into a new, engaging experience for its attendees, they looked to us to design a visual brand that would capture the energy of the industry and embrace the future of possibilities individuals feel when involved with Employee Ownership.  

We started with conceptualizing the overall identity for the event. Running through a few

concepts ranging from Vegas Odds to Theatrical Perfection, we landed on a more artistic representation of the moment an individual is freed up to own their own destiny through their work. The artwork emphasized individual human figures in bright abstract watercolor shown freely jumping up and out of the boxes of their pasts---designed in white to contrast sharply with the irregular and energetic splatters of paint surrounding it.

To welcome attendees to the event, the theme was shown throughout the venue in a series of printed graphics ranging from the built-in arch walkway to the registration desks to the fabricated entryway into the main event space. All elements were designed to convey a sense of energy and excitement upon arrival to the conference.

Carrying the theme into the general session space, we created the scenic look as an homage to a modern art gallery.  Utilizing oversized, vibrant, water-colored art pieces suspended with clear thread at different planes on the stage to achieve a three-dimensional gallery.  To communicate the newfound creative possibilities in an ESOP and the wide variety of companies which embrace them, the session graphics also incorporated brightly-colored, textured, watercolor elements that were animated to move across the large screens during speaker introductions, sponsor recognition, and more.  To top things off, the center circle screen prominently featured an animation rotating between the association logo and the event theme to ensure brand recognition throughout the event!

NAF Behind the Scenes Image

NAF Behind the Scenes

In July 2019, LAI Live once again teamed with NAF to produce another NAF Next event, working hand in hand to develop programming and branding from the ground up.


Let's Get Down to Business

Before designing a conference identity, determining a theme, or identifying

keynote speakers, an in-depth group site visit should be held. This is the time to learn the ins-and-outs of the selected venue. About 9 months prior to NAF Next 2019, we joined the NAF team at the event venue in Detroit, where we walked through the space, assessed the flow of attendee traffic, and determined branding opportunities. In doing so, we were able to see how unique the general session ballroom was, which changed our scenic concept to not only support the NAF messaging, but to compliment the room itself, an important element that can frequently be overlooked without touring a venue.



Creating Empowering Graphics

Once the scenic and flow had been thought out, we jumped back to the beginning with an event design workshop. Playing off the NAF brand discussed within the workshop, our Art Director worked with NAF to develop graphics completely customized to the 2019 conference. After several rounds of identity development, the theme EMPOWER was selected. From there we began to build out assets. In addition to developing custom social media graphics, stage graphics, program books, swag, and signage, we produced two animations for digital marquees, placed on the convention center and over the highway, promoting NAF’s messaging beyond just the attendee experience.

AWHONN 2019 Image


For its celebratory 50th anniversary annual convention, The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) aimed to create a conference experience for attendees that was set apart from business-as-usual. 

After half a century of making a difference in the lives of women and newborns, the client team wanted to celebrate their work and their member nurses with a program and show artwork that

communicated the kind of elegance, celebration, and creativity commonly associated with Hollywood red carpet events. 

Showcasing president-elect candidates, we created organic irregularities to break the mold of other graphics from previous years. The luster of the gold metal effectively communicated and underscored the value associated with each speaker introduced and each award recipient being honored.

We capitalized on the flowing motion of the liquid gold to help frame the content being shown. The graphics successfully drew the viewer’s eye towards important information and elevated the tone of the imagery. 

Inspired by physical gold going through the refining process, the resulting artwork brought together elegant thick and thin typefaces. The molten, flowing gold elements touched each graphic in a different and unpredictable way. 

In spotlighting Britt Pados, we utilized unique textures to make a big visual impact on accompanying content. The high-definition artwork certainly caught attention onstage, and shifted focus to the award-winner. 

The client was thrilled with the overall results, appreciated how different and unique the artwork was, and loved how its delivery onstage helped them achieve their visual communication goals.