Brilliant Digital Marketing

LaFleur provides results-driven marketing solutions customized for your business’ specific needs. By aligning our approach with your business goals, we earn your trust and help you grow. And as your business grows, our partnership can scale up to address new challenges and new competitors.

We have seen outstanding results across multiple industries: A 600% increase in phone calls to a client’s office year over year, a 700% increase in year over year website traffic for a client, millions of dollars attributable in revenue for web leads, etc.

Our success comes from our unique approach:

  1. We take a holistic look at every client’s needs. The foundation of any strategy we develop is the client’s actual business goals. Once we know what helps them grow their business, we build a customized strategy that helps achieve that business goal.
  2. We attract, develop, and retain highly talented and motivated team members who are experts in their space, whether that’s content, social media, web development, design, etc. We’re not a design shop trying to make additional revenue by billing our clients for services we don’t know anything about. We’ve built a team of experts who can truly deliver on the services we’re providing.
  3. We’re constantly innovating and refining deliverables to maximize their value to our clients. Even when we’re succeeding, we never stop improving. Using sophisticated tools, analytics, and expertise, we continually assess our approach to improve ROI.
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