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We are highly-skilled team of project managers, team leads, certified solution architects, designers and programmers having developed countless custom, web and mobile solutions, from crazy sprints to legacy code. Our business-management systems have a consistently exceptional quality of architecture, accessibility, and performance, regardless of their complexity.

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Klaipėda, Lithuania


Key clients: 

We are proud that our web-based solutions are being used by world-known brands such as Disney, Paramount, Pokernews, Deskbookers, JWT, DFDS & Coda Music Agency to name a few.

To get more familiar check out the case studies: http://koralis.co/case-studies

A back-end development solution and ongoing support for a Dutch startup Deskbookers

Deskbookers - Fast, Easy & Flexible booking of work spaces

Located in Amsterdam, Deskbookers was founded in 2013 and enables short term bookings of office space of all kinds.

Company info

Deskbookers offers a trusted online platform, where users can find and book unique and inspiring working spaces all over Europe. Platform offers different types of

workspaces to bring professionals together for a unique working experience whenever and wherever they want. Deskbookers believe that to be successful in your job, you choose a workspace which best reflects the activities for that day.

Back-end development & Support

As an early stage startup, Deskbookers were growing and they needed a trusted partner to help them with development powers. We developed variaus features for Deskbookers, such as an A/B test ready website, which enabled their marketing team run A/B test much quicker leading to better informed business decisions.

Technologies we used: ​PHP, jQuery, HTML/CSS, MySQL, AngularJS. 

"The team of Koralis is a pleasure to work with. They have impeccable management and  a broad team of development specialists, and we would definitely consider them again as our business partner."  JEROEN ARTS, Director & Founder


Since 2008 we’ve been DFDS Seaways’ exclusive partners, developing various IT and digital solutions for their Lithuanian, Swedish and Baltic markets

Scratch game 

As part of their Lithuanian nationwide marketing campaign, DFDS called upon Koralis to help them create a medium to engage users with various prize drawing. We always love working with DFDS due to their creative and large-scale marketing campaigns. For this specific assignment we created a browser-based scratch game where users were to provide their email to enter the game,

scratch off a lottery ticket and win various prizes.


One of the key elements of DFDS advertising strategy was to help sell ferry trip bookings during the slow season. When DFDS decided to promote ferry routes online, it turned to Koralis to design banners of various formats, to tap the right audiences at the perfect time and drive conversions.

Our designers quickly learned DFDS needs and based on DFDS BIM (Building Information Modeling), created numerous prototypes for banner ads to quickly convey the meaning and help turn traffic into real revenue during slow season.

"The team of Koralis is a pleasure to work with. They have impeccable management and a broad team of development specialists, and we would definitely consider them again as our business partner." VAIDAS KLUMBYS General Manager, Passenger Sales

With Packpin, we are changing the after-purchase customer experience. Our team created a unique API, plugins for Magento, Shopify, Prestashop and integrated more that 180 shipping companies

Packpin - Ecommerce Shipment Tracker

Packpin is an e-commerce module we created from MVP to a final SaaS product that received pre-seed funding. Packpin helps e-commerce retailers track shipments on their online shop, streamline their post-purchase customer experience and helps them retain customers.

The challenge

The idea was born from one of our

projects requirements where client was looking for a shipment tracking solution on his Magento shop and there was not a single app on the market landscape that would make shipment tracking easy and valuable at the same time, for both, retailer & shopper.

We quickly pushed the project forward to cover all major ecommerce platforms and created a cloud platform that enables continues development and scaling. The platform helped Packpin provide smooth and easy custom integrations for established eCommerce brands regardless of their tech-stack. 

Packpin required a thorough research and reimagining the customer journey from placing an order to receiving a package at a doorstep. We dug deep to crystalize solutions to the most prominent customer pain points post-purchase. Didn’t take our team long to come up with the product bundle that includes worldwide shipment tracking, automatic notifications to the customers, fulfillment monitoring and various marketing enablements that directly affect customer loyalty & retention.

For Moofe we built a comprehensive e-commerce solution through continuous integration with its own custom CRM from scratch

Moofe- Unique CGI imagery service

Moofe was founded in 2008 by a team of world-class famous photographers in London. Moofe is a provider of the next generation, high quality, complete pre-shot photographic locations and original imagery for the use in various CGI projects. 

The Solution

We built a comprehensive e-commerce solution through

continuous integration with its own custom CRM from scratch & have been partners with Moofe for more than 4 years. Our team worked closely with Moofe since the inception of the idea to transform their vision and design ideas into highly functional enterprise platform. Our developers and software engineers quickly took over the project to start prototyping and back up the bold expectations of the design mockups.

Technologies we used: PHP, jQuery, HTML/CSS, laravel. 

"Koralis has developed an integrated multimedia Moofe website for the advertising and design market. Our partners have carried out all project tasks to a high level of quality and on time. These have ranged from consultations on implementing process decisions to software development and website creation. Koralis constantly strives to meet our expectations." DOUGLAS FISHERD, irector and founder 

Newmood - E-commerce platform for one of the largest online fashion retailer in Baltic States. A unique and custom solution that we are very proud of

NEWMOOD - Latest Fashion Online

Newmood is one of the largers online fashion retailer in the Baltic states, offering apparel & clothing of high-end fashion brands and independent designers. Few of the names include Armani Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Diadora & Adidas by Rita Ora.

The challenge

Newmood needed a multipurpose e-commerce

platform that would accommodate their fast growing product inventory and offer smooth user experience to online shoppers through latest technologies.

In addition to that, we had to enable company's marketing efforts through intuitive CMS-driven platform and various third party integrations to automate & streamline day-to-day operations.


Minimalist design puts the focus on product display and fluid grid format ensures the display is clean and simple to use for a smooth shopping experience.

The solution

After seeing Newmood's design ideas and the direction they wanted to take, our team quickly picked up the project and started continuous prototyping.

Through strong teamwork and Agile culture we enabled our customer to closely watch the project progress up to its completion. We created a unique e-commerce platform to unite their accounting, marketing.