In the back end, ensures the code optimization for our front end work as a digital marketing agency and web design agency. In other words, we are a vertically integrated company in the digital marketing industry.

Kognifi is the Malaysianised version of Cognify.  This name comes from Cognitive.  Which means processing information and reasoning.  Becoming smarter. Like leveraging digital transformation and AI. 

Hence smarter web design, technologies used, and digital marketing. Kognifi’s mission is to make businesses succeed online, just like how radio and TV made a difference over the past 100 years.  

Companies need to extend online.  Build a presence online.  Complete with well designed optimized websites and apps fully under their control.  To be present when customers are asking.

With business intelligence, companies can be visually informed and predict activities and drive demand generation.  Ensuring pull from both online to offline and online to online (O2O), from social media channels to their revenue generating websites, platforms and brick and mortar shops.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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