Creating Great 1st Impressions

Creating great 1st Impressions

"…from start to finish, we received nothing but professional, quality design" (Mo, In The Bun)

Kieran Harrod is a Creative, Professional & Reliable Graphic Designer skilled in branding, print and web design, with bags of integrity. 

Based in Derby, UK, Kieran set up his own business in May 2011 after practicing design since 1997 including 7 years as an in-house designer and marketing manager for the UK arm of a multinational. Get in touch to get something designed for your business.

Kieran also writes for, a logo design blog.

$50 - $99 / hr
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Derby, United Kingdom


Key clients: 

· Samsung

· Abelio

· Mitie


· TBS Mobility

· Nursing Hygine Group

· Geobear

· Care in One Place

· Yellow Group

Henmore Health Logo Image

Henmore Health Logo

Geographically inspired logo and branding for Henmore Health, a modern healthcare provider with a traditionally minded, caring outlook.

Henmore Health is owned and operated by the GP Partners & Practice Manager of a successful GP Practice in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, at the gateway to the Peak District.

Recognising the changing environment in General Practice and the pace of evolution, Henmore Health

seeks to promote the Tiered Care Model for NHS Practices, evolve Primary Care Facilities to be more sustainable and robust in the current climate and provide Private Services to patients who seek a high-quality care pathway.

Forming a stylised H from geometric shapes, the design takes the geography of Ashbourne as its skeleton.

The bottom corner and right diamond are aligned with the locations of the Shrovetide “goals” beside the Henmore, with the river represented in blue between. A series of 3 blues highlight the river as the central inspiration for this design with accents of green for the land and a dark stone for the goals.

Care in One Place Logo and Branding Image

Care in One Place Logo and Branding

Whilst preparing to launch on Crowdcube, the team identified the importance of improving the branding of the campaign from the early in house designs to something that could be applied to an “investor deck” or slide presentation of the investment offering, to a video presentation and a draft website design.

I was approached by ISEEU, who I’d worked with previously, to develop the Care in One Place branding and apply it

to the investor deck.

The final solution combined three key elements:

• Location: Providing products and services where you’re at is the key goal to Care in One Place as well as allowing users to access the site wherever they are. Three recognisable map pins form the shape of the logo mark.
• Care: The pins combine to form a classic heart shape, representing care and love.
• Everyone: The Pin/Heart mark is dressed in warm hues of the rainbow, Care in One Place is for everyone. 

By bringing these elements together the logo is decipherable at a glance, Care in One Place is designed for you, whoever you are, wherever you are. The three pins are easy differently coloured, different people with different needs who can all access the care they need, where they need it, all from a single online platform.

Charles Daley Logo Image

Charles Daley Logo

Logo and branding for Nottingham based home buying experts Charles Daley.

Charles Daley were looking for a professional, distinguished design to support their quality home buying service offered to prestigious clients in Nottingham and beyond.

I created a bespoke script monogram design to represent the personal services Charles Daley offer, this is placed within a formal box shape which is able

to hold either just the logo, the logo, and name or logo, name, and tagline.  

Presented in a smart black and white scheme, the design can be displayed in either variation. The simple palette makes the design exceedingly flexible and robust. Shown below with yellow highlights, the brand supports any alternative colour, allowing for change with future trends or seasonal campaigns.

However the brand isn’t tied into the box, it can be freed to sit on images or other brand elements continuing the flexible nature of the logo. The final element restrains the ‘cd’ monogram within a circle. This can be used in compact applications such as App icons or applied to larger elements such as signage, where a square might not be appropriate.

Derbyshire Education Business Partnership Branding Image

Derbyshire Education Business Partnership Branding

Updating the brand of the Derbyshire Education Business Partnership since they first emerged as a private enterprise from the local authority.

Derbyshire Education Business Partnership (DEBP) set up and maintain links between local employers and schools across the curriculum, supporting employability skills for young people and raising their aspirations.

They hold the STEMNET – Science, Technology,

Engineering and Mathematics Network – contract for Derbyshire. They help enhance STEM and provide links to the world of work through the STEM Ambassadors Programme and advise on STEM Clubs in schools.