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Kickassgrowth is a creative digital marketing agency that helps great and small companies do wonders online.

We offer a wide range of services:

- Business Development through Marketing Strategies:  We're here to develop your ideas in the direction of your goals so that you don't waste time going in circles. Let us be your fairy goal-mother, we'll get you to the ball on time.

- Employer Branding: Sometimes your company needs to step up a notch in order to showcase the truly wonderful experience when it comes to its employees. 

- Business Audit: We observe you from the audience aspect, and analyze your online presence from the farthest seats. The mandatory steps allow us to elevate your show to the next level by jumping in where you might be lacking.

- Web Design: Creating extravagant and on-point web designs is a specialty of ours - if you're looking for someone to understand your vision, harness your dream, and create a reality out of both, you've come to the right place.

- Web Development: Our development department is experienced and crafty, which means that together, we can design and create anything that you come up with, great or small.


- Social Media Marketing

- Content Marketing

- Email Marketing


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10 - 49
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Belgrade, Serbia
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Key clients: 

SAGA New Frontier Group, TikTok, Blinking, Zeqr, Ucraft, Supreme Tracks, etc

Weaverbot.ai Image


When working on a design for state-of-the-art AI brand, a modern and futuristic approach is something that, actually, every designer would think of.
So the real task was achieving authentic visual identity which would differentiate the client from the competitors.

Fireworks Website Design and Development  Image

Fireworks Website Design and Development

After defining the specific experience KAG provides to its clients, we needed to communicate it consistently both through copy and design, as the integral parts of a bigger story.

That is why our designers created original, unique imagery to present the brand values and spirit.

The Essentials Package - Design & Devolpment Image

The Essentials Package - Design & Devolpment

A bit of an unusual task, as we were supposed to redesign just three pages of the website, refresh and modernize them, while being limited with some of the fixed elements that strech on the rest of the site.

The Enhanced crafts Design Package Image

The Enhanced crafts Design Package

Creating a minimalistic design with lots of white space, which emanates the vibe of profficiency, reliability, and stability. We've achieved that goal by structuring the content with large blocks and using only a few graphic details.