Copenhagen Virtual Reality Studio

Khora is an award-winning Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) production studio, creating cutting edge content within multiple application areas. We are 20 full time employees, and over the last four years we have produced more than 200 VR/AR applications and hosted more than 750 workshops.

We are exploring the value potential of VR and AR through meaningful collaborations and partnerships. We work within multiple industries, with a deep understanding of the technologies and of how and why businesses and institutions should work within these emerging mediums. We have an open door policy, so come and see for yourself.

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Copenhagen, Denmark


Key clients: 

Ørsted, Coloplast, Carlsberg Byen, Keofitt, Copenhagen Municipality, Rigshospitalet, KL, Capital Region of Denmark, Region H Mental Health Services, Design Museum Denmark, M/S Maritime Museum, Sikkerhedsstyrelsen, Danish Business Authority, ...

360º VR Space Safari | Ørsted

This production won 2 Danish Design Awards 2020 on the categories of 'Message Understood' and 'People's Choice'.

Four astronauts have joined forces with Ørsted, the world's most sustainable energy company to create a free VR experience that sends people on a space mission to see Earth as astronauts do.
We can’t send all of Earth’s citizens into space, but with 360o VR Space Safari we can get you as close as possible

and imitate what the astronauts call “the overview effect”, a cognitive shift and sense of responsibility that occurs when the planet is viewed from hundreds of kilometers away.

We're hoping that this will create a greater sense of responsibility for our shared home and speed up green action.


Overall, 360o VR Space Safari was viewed more than 6.400.000 times worldwide through social media.

"This is the only advert that I've watched every single second of it with out getting bored or wanting to skip and it was all totally all worth it" is one of many similar comments that the project has received online.


The former home to the world-famous Carlsberg Breweries in the heart of Copenhagen is being developed into the vibrant and diverse Carlsberg City District. By 2021 around 80% of the area will have been developed and by 2024 the Carlsberg City District is fully established.

In the summer of 2019, Carlsberg Byen introduced a new VR experience to showcase and sell yet unbuilt apartments. It gives potential buyers the

opportunity to experience the spatiality of their future home, the option to customize kitchen features and to explore the view of the surrounding environments from the apartment balcony.

Using Khora’s technical expertise in VR and 3D modeling, the collaboration has resulted in a photorealistic and interactive VR experience of a 3rd-floor apartment at Caroline's Hus, on display at Carlsberg Byen’s official showroom every Sunday during open house.

Esrum Kloster VR Reconstruction

The old abbey at Esrum (northern Zealand, Denmark) has a rich history and is a museum today. It was founded in 1151 and was once one of the largest and most famous abbeys in Denmark, but lost to us in 1559. Now, only one building remains. Esrum Kloster wanted to recreate the original abbey in virtual reality to allow visitors the ability to experience it. We collaborated with the historians at Esrum Kloster and used reference
material from churches and abbeys throughout Europe to create this virtual tour that transports the audience back in time to Esrum Kloster at its height. Visitors can now virtually tour the entire abbey on an immersive historic and spiritual journey through the old halls and gardens. The experience is now a permanent part of the museum’s exhibition, allowing a first hand experience of this historically important cultural heritage site on a customized VR podium.

VR Exposure Therapy For Social Anxiety | Capital Region of Denmark

The SO REAL project will be the so far largest trial investigating the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in the treatment of social anxiety disorder. Overall, the project will contribute with knowledge about the efficacy and feasibility of treating social anxiety with VR exposure. The results of the trial will guide future application of VR technology in clinical settings across a wide breadth of use-cases. The SO REAL project is

conducted by Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri supported by Novo Nordisk Fonden and TrygFonden.

Khora is behind the technical VR solution that is based on 360 degree video recordings. It contains different exposure stimuli that can be chosen from a catalogue of 27 scenes in 5 different scenarios e.g. ”The Supermarket”, The Party”, ”The Presentation”, ”The Cafeteria” and ”The Auditorium”. The SO REAL solution will be implemented in the standard treatment package offered to patients with social anxiety disorder at two major psychotherapeutic outpatient clinics in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Fireworks Safety Campaign | Sikkerhedsstyrelsen

A production for a double award-winning campaign.

In Denmark, every New Year’s eve, approximately 250 people get hospitalized due to injuries related to fireworks. The security agency, Sikkerhedsstyrelsen, which is responsible for promoting safety counselling measures in Denmark, wanted to launch a campaign to promote safety measures prior to the 2017/2018 New Year’s Eve.

Together with the creative agency Holm

Kommunikation we produced a 360º video showing what can happen if a rocket blows on your face and you are not wearing safety goggles. The 360º video ran on Social Media (Facebook and Youtube) and pop-up events scattered across Denmark, where people could try the full dramatic experience with VR glasses. A shorter version of the video was also created to showcase in cinemas and public transports all over Denmark. Alongside, reaction videos were created, which helped to boost the Social Media impact and discussion.

The 360º video gathered over 163.000 views on Facebook and Youtube, with almost 4.000 engagements with the video. Approximately 1.200 people experienced the video in the pop-up events. The number of injured people in the 2017/2018 New Year fell by 4,9%, when compared to the same period of the previous year.

VR for Integration of Immigrants | Kommunernes Landsforening (KL)

 “Job in reality” (“Job i virkeligheden”) is the name of the project, which is formed by a collaboration between KL and Khora and the municipalities of Skive, Aabenraa, Aalborg, Rudesdal an Roskilde. Through 5 different VR movies, viewers get the opportunity to experience a refugee’s journey, into the Danish labour market, and learn about some of the challenges and expectations, that they were met with along the way. The movies

also focus on the Danish working culture, which includes a lot of unwritten rules that can be hard to explain and needs to be experienced.

Every movie is around 5-7 minutes long and available in 6 different languages: Danish, English, Arabic, Farsi, Somali and Tigrinya.

The movies can be used by municipalities, language centers, educational institutions, companies and civil society etc. They can for example be used for integration purposes through danish lessons. The movies can be experienced and re-experienced and analyzed with an educational angle towards it.