Strategic branding for healthy lifestyle companies

KARMA works exclusively with healthy lifestyle companies that have missions focused on health, wellness, and sustainability.

At KARMA, we take a strategy-first approach to branding and design to ensure the goals of our clients are met. Through our Strategy Workshops, we are able to get clear on who you are as a company, who your audience is, and what your goals are. We know that in order to have a brand your customers will become advocates for, you must connect to your audience and be true to your values. We are passionate about creating brands for businesses that align with our mission and work to build long lasting relationships with our clients.

We believe when you put good out into the world, it comes back to you. The world needs more businesses and organizations doing good things to thrive and make positive change. KARMA is dedicated to helping those businesses further their mission and reach their business goals.

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Heal the Planet Website Design Image

Heal the Planet Website Design

Heal the Planet is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and empower the next generation on the impact their daily choices have on their own health and the well-being and sustainability of the planet. They came to KARMA needing their website redesigned after changing the organization’s direction from an e-commerce platform focused on healthy products, more towards sustainability education, volunteerism, and event


A full website redesign would be needed for the non-profit to match their current goals. The objective was to keep the site colorful and vibrant to exude a fun, youthful, and positive vibe. It was essential to have a Donation link be prominently displayed throughout, along with other necessities including signup forms, password protected pages with downloadable content, and more.  Additionally, their prior logo consisted of a shopping bag icon, which they wanted to update as well to match with their new focus of moving away from e-commerce.

KARMA successfully rebuilt Heal the Planet’s website to align with the organization’s new mission. Heal the Planet’s original logo was refreshed and updated to match their new focus and we kept the already established color scheme to minimize the risk of losing or confusing their current following.

Real Kids Shades Tradeshow Booth Image

Real Kids Shades Tradeshow Booth

Trade shows, expos, and conventions are fantastic opportunities for companies to network and gain more exposure for your business. With an upcoming trade show approaching, Real Kids Shades, the leader in UV protective sunglasses for children and adults, tasked KARMA to design their trade show booth.

Real Kids Shades offer multiple styles for boys, girls, and teens, and the main feature that had to be highlighted was

their P2 Polarized Lenses. However, there is only a select set of the styles which have P2 Lenses, and the client wished to have those separated in their booth design.

KARMA created the booth’s center backdrop to catch passerby’s’ attention with a first-person view through the P2 Lenses, which helped visualize what these lenses are capable of. The signage to the left and right of the backdrop was designed to help attendees understand the difference between the regular lenses from the P2 Lenses.

Tree of India Essential Oil Labels Image

Tree of India Essential Oil Labels

With a mission to satisfy and delight their customers with therapeutic essential oils and unique proprietary blends at fair prices, Tree of India came to us needing labels for their many oil blends and sprays. We made sure to give them a packaging design they were proud of and that could stand strong next to competitors on the shelf.

Healing Sense Bodywork Brochure Image

Healing Sense Bodywork Brochure

With multiple types and styles of massage to choose from, they wanted to have a brochure that they could give to their clients to help educate them on the different types offered, the benefits of massage, the price list, as well as some background information about the massage therapist.

Vivitris Website Design Image

Vivitris Website Design

Vivitris’ mission is to improve everyone’s quality of life by providing natural and organic preventative medicines which help with weight management, fitness endurance, and more. Being an e-commerce business, they needed a strong online presence. The health supplements website needed to align with their company’s health and nutrition-focused branding and be a smooth experience for their customers.

KARMA executed a

complete site overhaul to successfully convey Vivitris’ company mission and the quality and benefits of their products. The health supplement website was re-built to be fully responsive, which the previous site lacked, and we incorporated all new imagery to align better with their brand.
Zen Bar Juice Labels Image

Zen Bar Juice Labels

A label re-design was the initial reason Zen Bar reached out to us. They were planning on updating their bottle and wanted a more professional looking label for their cold-pressed organic juices. The juice and smoothie bar had a logo they wished to keep, but no real identity around it. We worked with them to create a bright and authentic look for their brand that would stand out on the shelf.