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A leading technology venture and game development company, Juego Studios provides high-quality design and development solutions for games, apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, machine learning, simulation, Big Data, IoT, WebXR, PHP,, Node.JS, AngularJS, ReactJS and more.

We develop enterprise level simulations and solutions for various industries like manufacturing, financial, healthcare, military, construction, finance and others. We help businesses leverage emerging technologies to collect valuable data, stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation.We create high quality games and applications for mobile, iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Mac, console, browsers & Facebook. Our AR app developers build customized AR games, apps and experiences for multiple platforms.

Our comprehensive game and app development solutions cover everything from  art and design, coding, scripting to testing, support and maintenance. We work with industry standard middleware like Unity3D, Cocos2d-x and Unreal as well as technologies like Angular JS, HTML5 and more.


  • Game and app development
  • AR & VR game and app development
  • AI & Machine learning solutions
  • Big Data & IoT solutions
  • Simulations & visualizations
  • Web app development
  • Enterprise Solutions


Awards & Recognition:

  1. Top VR/AR service providers 2017, APAC CIO Outlook Magazine
  2. ‘20 Most Valuable Mobile Application Solution provider’ by Insights Success
  3. ‘Best Gaming Software Companies, 2015’ by STPI
  4. ISO-9001:2015 Certified.


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    Key clients: 

    Our clientele spans across 20+countries and includes entrepreneurs, startups, small and mid-sized enterprises as well as Fortune 500 companies. we’ve successfully completed over 200+ projects for over 80+ happy clients including 20th century FOX, Mentez, Lions Gate, Puma, Coco Cola, Disney, WB, Johnson & Johnson, Emirates NBD, Ieee, Hike, SunPharma, SSBS, Strides and many others.

    AR Bottle

    It’s a app used to scan the bottle and identify the labels and play the animated video on the labels with precision syncing and display the products .  

    Sales Ninja Training App

    Sales Ninja is a gamified sales training app for the sales team of Sun Pharma. The app has been gamified by making the user start as a rookie ninja who will be trained by the master ninja. Users get badges for each mission accomplished. The missions are portrayed as progressive levels on a level map.


    Happs is a dynamic geo-mapped data visualisation system that provides data which includes roads, buildings, trees, roofs and other elements belonging to an Urban area, which customizes the data according to the structured queries.

    GPS treasure app


    The idea of the app is to give gifts/prizes to the users who reach the target location. This target location is GPS based and will be added from the admin site by the admin. The gifts/prizes will be limited so the first users to reach the given location and claim the treasure will be rewarded.

    Oskar App

    Oskar is an art collection based map application which helps the user to search for various types of art such as photography, film, painting and artists around his city. The app gives users the provision to add photos or images from their collection or save their favorite artwork from the collection in the app.



    Quick Service Mobile Restaurant’s online food order and delivery mobile app. In GarfieldEATS app you can watch, play game, read, collect, redeem, track, manage, chat, share, and much more.

    Booze guru

    Virtualise your hangover, Ride the ultra bike, Face insane challenges, Dodge the obstacles and the traffic headed your way, Get ready for the “Tequila shot” and “Spirit Shot”, A tough hangover awaits, Challenge your friends.

    Chhota Bheem

    Enjoy the most recent extreme and daring Chhota Bheem game. When dacoits strike Dholakpur, chhota bheem comes to rescue his friends Raju, chutki and Jaggu. Bheem use his special power by fighting with the gang who have stolen laddoos and gold racing up the hill. Reach the high score in distance covered and laddoos collected. You can challenge your friends to beat your score!

    Munna Michael

    Juego Studios develop first Bollywood movie Munna Michael starring Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Munna Michael: Dance & Run is a classic endless runner game set on the streets of Mumbai, where players have to dodge cars, buses and other obstacles to collect coins.

    Sankal Kite King

    Sankal Kite King is a fun-filled casual game created for kite flying enthusiasts. It is an effort to provide a realistic kite flying experience in a virtual setting. There are 5 environments in the game – Terrace / Beach / City landscape / Plain Ground and Hills.

    Slime Soccer Game

    Its an online multi-player game, challenge your friends and random players in real time to score the goal. Select your teams, challenge with your friends and share the score.

    More about the game :

    Animal Breakout! Online Multiplayer

    Online Multiplayer is finally here!! The worlds 1st and only online flying animal racer (1-4 Players) on the App Store. Race your friends and random players in real time with up to 4 players for total mayhem!! You are one of four different animals who have escaped from a test laboratory. Smash free from the test tubes and race against each other to breakout first!

    Ready – K!

    Ready – K! is designed to facilitate a successful transition to Kindergarten by providing parents and teachers with objective and comprehensive data concerning their child’s readiness for Kindergarten. Ready K! was listed TOP 100 paid app under Education category in United States Store. In ready – K! we believe that in order to teach a child, you first must think as a child!       

    LWF - Lyrics with friendz

    LWF (Lyrics with friendz) is a Social Music Game. LWF was listed TOP 14 free apps under Music category in United States Store. In the game user will hear part of the song and need to gues continue of the songs and type. There are 3 famous songs categories Pop, Rock & Country and send across to your friends.

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    London Studio iOS Game

    "The quality of the output is much better than other software houses that we’ve dealt with in India."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $50,000 to $199,999
    Project summary: 

    Juego developed a mobile game for iOS, which involved the initial design, the coding, and the creation of all visual and audio assets. The team also uploaded the finished games to the App Store.

    The Reviewer
    Small business
    London, United Kingdom
    Chief Executive Officer, Social-scoring Platform Firm
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The games that the team develops are of high quality but could benefit from additional testing before being delivered. Regardless, Juego is very easy to work with, and their success has allowed them to branch out and grow as an independent software developer company.


    Could you provide a bit of background about  your company?

    We are a holding company that develops apps, web apps and mobile apps. Some of our applications are mobile-based; we don't have any in-house expertise, so we outsource the development.


    What was your process for discovering and choosing Juego Studios to work with?

    When we found Juego, they were actually not Juego. They were working as a team at a larger software house in India. We worked with them on two longer term projects, two games that took a total development period of around 10 months. During this period, they finished the games for us, bumped themselves out of the company, and created Juego. That's how we got to know them.


    Could you tell me a little more about the typical scope of the project with them?

    Right from concept, design to the architecture behind the game, all the way to the coding, animation, and sourcing of the sound files and the background music, all the way to the game testing and the final curation, until the product is ready to be uploaded to the app store. That was the scope of the whole project. There was a little bit of after-service, after it was launched from the support side, to take care of – if we had queries from our customers.

    How long ago was the most recent project completed?

    About three months ago.

    Can you provide a general estimate for the project?

    It was two projects. One was about $40,000, and the other was $25,000.


    How happy are you with the results of what they’ve delivered?

    I think on a scale of one to ten, I would say eight. The boutique has obviously gone a long way in the last three or four months since they spun out. Since they've spun out and created Juego, they've actually invested in R&D and better technical people, so I think they're a better team now than they were last year when we worked with them.

    When working with them, is there anything that you find to be unique compared to other developers that you’ve worked with?

    I think the quality of the output really stands out. Typically, if you look at outsourcing of software programs to India, the sacrifice that one has to make normally is in the quality of the product, the output. The second sacrifice one has to make is communication with the team. The English level is not that good and as a result, because of the time zone differential and the language differential, you get a lot of things that are lost in translation. With Juego, they're actually very well spoken, very worldly managers there. They are young and they grew up watching Hollywood movies and so on, so it's kind of working with a more local team. You don't feel like you're dealing with an Indian team. The quality of the output is much better than other software houses that we've dealt with in India.

    Is there anything that you would do differently a second time around or you think that they could improve upon?

    I would say testing. This is something that we're very big on as a house here in London, so for us it's all about quality. What we asked them to do, when they eventually spun out into Juego, was to hire some testers, so now they have a testing team in place. I think that's one thing that they could have done better, because we had to do a lot of that last year ourselves; they learned a lot from us. As a result, they've come a long way and now, I think they're very good at testing themselves.

    Overall Score
    • 4.0 Scheduling
    • 5.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer
      Yes, 100 percent.