Custom Software for Small Businesses

Over 60,000 hours of full time professional experience and 3 college degrees I am offering small businesses custom software development from as low as $300.  You can actually get a small working custom business solution for as little as $300. My average customer is in the $5,000 - $10,000 range with the biggest client having a multi-year $600,000 project.

I can analyze your business and create a custom business solution that enhances your ability to run your business your way.  Pay for solutions delivered as opposed to may IT companies that charge for hours of service wether or not a usable product is delivered. 

$150 - $199 / hr
2 - 9
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Key clients: 
Small businesses (1-25 employees) - I have a heart for small businesses since they are undervalued and underserved. Most software development companies have a $25,000 minimum a few might consider a $10,000 project but what about the small businesses or sole owner/operator? Often these businesses only need a small system, so I start at $300 with my typical client being in the $5,000 - $10,000 range. I have 600,000+ hours of professional experience 3 degrees (AS, BS, MS)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed before you pay Image

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed before you pay

I have the maximum experience theoretically possible in 7 technologies, meaning that there is literally nobody on this planet that has more experience than I do in those 7 technologies.  I have over 60,000 hours of full time professional experience and 3 college degrees the highest being a Master’s for Texas A&M University.


Because of my experience I am

usually at least twice as productive as my competitors and since I charge a low rate my superior solutions often come out ½ to ¼ the cost of my competitor’s inferior solution.


I am so confident in my ability to deliver a superior solution at a low relative price that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you pay nothing.  Nobody else in the industry anywhere in the world offer such a guarantee that you must be 100% satisfied or you pay nothing.  Because they are not confident in their ability to analyze your business and develop a superior solution at a low price as I am. 


In 35+ years and hundreds of clients I have never had a single client ever that was not more than100% satisfied.  How can someone be more than 100% satisfied?  Well all of my clients have been pleasantly surprised beyond their expectations so I would call that more than 100% satisfied.


Another factor that 99.99% of Information Technology companies lack is a genuine interest in the client’s business wellbeing.  I view each client’s business as if it were my father’s business that I will inherit one day. I want your business to thrive and succeed.  I go above and beyond my job to help you succeed in every way I can.