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Jambaree builds lightning fast websites using Gatsby, a React-based, GraphQL powered, static site generator. In plain English, websites built using Gatsby are blazing-fast, Area 51 secure, a pleasure to use and a joy to behold. 

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Sprucehill Design Image

Sprucehill Design

Sprucehill Design, an award-winning custom homes and renovations company wanted to replace their slow to load and frustrating to view Wordpress website. The new site uses “Headless WordPress” for administration and is lightning fast.

The Sea to Sky ALS Rally Image

The Sea to Sky ALS Rally


The Sea to Sky ALS Rally needed a website to raise awareness for ALS. This Gatsby site includes secure online registration and a donations function. The site was done pro bono by Jambaree to support ALS research.

Precision Cedar Image

Precision Cedar


Precision Cedar required a new website with an improved backend administration. Jambaree integrated the Gatsby front end with the WordPress backend (a.k.a., “Headless WordPress”). SEO and customer engagement has skyrocketed since the new site launch.

Carbon Zero Image

Carbon Zero

A secure Gatsby e-commerce solution which includes a carbon emission calculator, online registry database, and integrated online store component. Carbonzero’s requirement was to utilize a headless WordPress back end for user administration.

The Decking Superstore Image

The Decking Superstore

The Decking Superstore needed a new website to help generate more online leads. Since the Gatsby website release, their sales are up 15% for Q1 2020 (when compared to 2019) and traffic from Google (organic listings) has doubled over last year.

Real Cedar Image

Real Cedar

The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association wanted a fast new website that would perform better in search engine rankings. Their existing Wordpress installation was optimized, but the architecture would not allow for much improvement, therefore they requested a Gatsby website.