Business First. Online Second.

Many ask us what we do, and don't get us wrong, that's important. But, we tend to focus on WHY we do what we do. Our purpose is four simple words: Business First. Online Second.

We believe in understanding your business model, strategy, industry, and processes - BEFORE making any online recommendations. Sure, we could suggest you build a flashy website, send out monthly email campaigns, build an ecommerce site to sell merchandise online, or start blogging to increase your brand recognition. But, is that going to impact your bottom line or efficiency? Does it make sense? Until we can answer these questions, we won't suggest a thing.

Put briefly, we provide ecommerce, online marketing, and website design and development, all with a focus on user experience. We've been doing so for nine years with 20 Titans reinforcing our "Business First. Online Second" mantra. 

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
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Minneapolis, MN
  • 7400 Metro Blvd, Suite 190
    Minneapolis, MN 55439
    United States