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iPragmatech is a full-service Web and Mobile app development company focused on eCommerce, Design, and Development, specializing in strong corporate identity creation and custom Magento eCommerce solutions. We have been working with a variety of clients from startups to more established eCommerce businesses from all across the globe in bettering their web design, functionality and overall brand presence since 2007.

The iPragmatech team has worked with an array companies and organizations to help them transition to digital and better reach their target customers.

From custom designed, full-fledged eCommerce websites to mobile presence through eCommerce apps, we have an extensive portfolio and truly are your one stop shop for all your online and print business needs.

At iPragmatech, we understand our clients aren't just looking for a web design or development company for a project, they are looking for partner in success and we are here for the complete makeover.

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Noida, India


BabyRUs(Website and Mobile App) Image

BabyRUs(Website and Mobile App)

As a side by side partner to the Toys R Us Brand. Babies R Us knows that becoming a parent changes your life forever, and we are here to celebrate your journey into parenthood! We have what you need for every step of the journey, from pregnancy to toddler years.

  • Our number one priority is your little one, and our brand is built on three crucial principles – Quality, Safety and Trust!
  • Our wide range of
quality products has been carefully chosen to offer you a mix for every budget, whilst ensuring that baby’s safety is never compromised.
  • Our trained and trusted store experts know exactly what you need to keep baby happy and can be visited in any of our 60+ stores nationwide.
  • Joyfay Mobile App Image

    Joyfay Mobile App

    Have you ever thought of an item you would like to purchase and spent hours searching for it only to find out it is not available? Or, did you think you found that special item only to find out it was not the price or quality you were looking for? The solution to your problems is Joyfay Delicate.

    • Awesome super saver deals.
    • Wide range of products.
    • Great quality.
    • Reasonable
  • Cash On delivery*
  • Free Shipping*
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Free gifts
  • Grab Mobile App Image

    Grab Mobile App

    It’s a sharing app. Whether writing a post, connecting with friends on Facebook, following trends or just browsing the web, Grab makes it easy to share bundles of content with your own unique URL. Individuals, Groups and Brands use Grab to share their message with the world.

    With on boarding in less than a minute, Grab instantaneously grants the user their very own instant network, allowing them to “grab” and publish

    content from almost anywhere and ensuring an exciting new social experience.

    Grab presents many solutions, from birthday parties and corporate events to internal team management and product launches.

    Grab integrations engage a number of sales and marketing platforms, helping add Grab to your existing infrastruture and transforming your database into an interactive self-branded Instant Network with the option of monetization.

    Fitness App – Improve productivity Image

    Fitness App – Improve productivity

    A simple Weather based Walk reminder app and Pedometer. This is a very simple lightweight app which reminds you to walk outside whenever the weather is favorable. Besides, it also measures the number of steps walked in last 24 hours.

    • Show the number of steps walked from the midnight to the the current time of the day.
    • Show the total distance and calories burnt in the walking with time
  • Give information about the weather with alert that whether it is suitable for walking or not.
  • Get the weekly and monthly insights for the activity
  • You can set your notification ON/OFF  by your priority
  • Costarica Community App Image

    Costarica Community App

    Native community app based on the Socialengine Platform. Get in touch with your colleagues, share your albums and Videos, and more – at any time, from anywhere.

    • Using the Facebook Connect/Twitter authentication feature, you can allow your website visitors to use their Facebook/Twitter account to register and log in to your site.
    • Phone-based authentication with SMS and real-time
    number verification provides the ideal mix of convenience, security, and low cost that helps the community grow with real users.
  • Any changes on the website to the SocialEngine Modules will get automatically reflected in your mobile app. So you don’t have to perform the changes on your app again.
  • Your community is 100% yours! No ads, link-backs or graphics. All major functionalities bundled with framework out of the box as listed below, in a nice and compact user interface.
  • Send your community users a push message including offers, any announcements or special message on their smartphone, and keep them engaged.