Building Business Ecosystems

We are a Crypto Valley Zug based Data Science company using Artificial Intelligence to build new disruptive business ecosystems, be it on block chain or traditional data science technologies.

Our Products are

1) => is a data science platform, which is in use in tier 1 banks as the central analytics hub but is also the base of the Integration Alpha own data products such as e.g. Lead Management, KYC and client onboarding systems etc.

2) Regulatory Reporting as a Service => by standardising the data integration process, we provide Regulatory as a Service and taking over the Finance- and Risk reporting process for the finance-industry.

3) People-Analytix an AI-based strategic workforce management tool => see also

4) Logitize, a disruptive container management system allowing a digitalized eco-system in the construction-working business, and many more.

More than ever before, success at doing business, at keeping clients engaged and at maintaining an edge over competitors is dependent on the intelligent use (and exploitation) of data. Not in the form most businesses are accustomed to today but as continuous streams of specific intelligence.

As such capabilities go beyond traditional business intelligence approaches, we have made it our focus to help organizations optimize their data processing and business intelligence frameworks to cater to these new demands.

Our offering also includes a set of out-of-the-box intelligence services that deliver instant value without requiring a major initial investment into "big data"​ frameworks and associated teams.

How can we help your business stay on top of its game?

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Cham, Switzerland


Service lines
  • BI & Big Data Consulting & SI
  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Productivity, Collaboration & UC Consulting and SI