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We are a software factory that tackles the hard problems, developing high-quality, state-of-the-art applications for global markets.

Not only do we use cutting-edge technologies, but we also apply the latest productivity tools and methodologies to deliver scalable software fast.

We work really hard to build trusting relationships with our clients, and our Agile Methodology allows us to work very closely, no matter where you're located.

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Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Montevideo, MO


Key clients: 

Albert AI Marketing, Kolinx, Groupi, IQID, HestaHome.


The IQID app is a digital internet ID that allows users to have secure interactions and transactions with other users.

You can share who you are, taking away the internet anonymity. It is your impartial, 3rd party profile page that verifies your identity and social circles so you can send it to interested parties.

Learn more in http://www.innuy.com/case_studies/Case_IQID.pdf


Focused on handling search and communications for buyers, sellers and listing agents, Hesta guarantees to enhance the property search process in a unique way through a single platform connecting all property stakeholders.

Learn more in http://www.innuy.com/case_studies/Case_Hesta.pdf


Groupi is a web application that enhances and captures group learning experiences while helping students and teachers to maintain a constant communication link.

The application was created to engage students during courses with interactive tasks and evaluations allowing professors to check their students’ accomplishments and present their results in real-time all on a single page.

Students can search for class materials and ask questions after class when needed.  The application creates a summary of every class including charts, abstracts, and media.


Kolinx has taken checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards and rolled them all into an easy to use app that provides kids savings opportunities as well as the ability to make purchases both in stores as well as online.

Learn more in http://www.innuy.com/case_studies/Case_Kolinx.pdf

Albert AI Marketing

Albert is the first-ever artificial intelligence marketing platform. It helps businesses streamline the complexities of modern digital marketing by taking manual tasks and driving fully-automated online marketing campaigns across all channels. In real time, Albert receives massive amounts of data, converts this data into insights then autonomously acts on these insights across all channels and devices.

Learn more in http://www.innuy.com/case_studies/Case_Albert.pdf