Get a name and launch your brand

Most people hit a wall when trying to name their business or product, so I created a fun and effective way to get past the wall and get a name so you can move forward and launch your brand.

1. Get a name and a logo

​Interact with the IK Branding Team in our unique mini-crowdsourcing experience and create a name and tagline that will be the foundation of your brand.

From there, develop your brand even more and create a fantastic logo and a brand style guide.

Whether you need a name, tagline, logo, brand style guide, business cards, or packaging design, we’ve got you covered.

2. Get a website that works

​Work with me and one of our web designers to write and create a new website for you or give your current site a makeover.

If your message is unclear, your visitors will look elsewhere. We will write and design a website that clearly presents what you offer, how it improves the lives of your clients, and how they can get it.

​Whether you need a simple 3-page site or advanced functionality, we've got you covered. 

3. Get a plan and get out there

​Work with us to develop a strategy to connect you with customers and grow your business. 

Once we have a plan, you'll decide what you want to do yourself, and what you'd like us to do.

We'll help you deliver your message in the way it makes the most sense for you and your brand.  

​Whether you need social media management, blog writing, lead funnels, email campaigns, or SEO, we've got you covered. 

To get a name now, just fill out our questionnaire and make your payment.

Contact me to learn more or to schedule a free consultation. 

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Hershey's, H-E Parts International, Champion Power Equipment