No matter what problem is, we've infinite solution

Infinite Open Source Solutions offer innovative software solutions developed on stable and pioneering technologies. iOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP) was founded in 2009 and we concentrate on software and custom application development.

With a fantasy to provide quality software solutions to companies around the world and a strong team of developers, we have been successful in bringing in innovation and the latest technology to assure that every project that leaves our pipeline is productive.

We specialize in business development software projects for more than 10 years. We have the skilled technical, business and project management expertise needed to execute projects. Infinite Open Source Solution LLP is the rapidly growing IT firm with 2000+ clients all around the globe. We develop software for aggressive startups as well as large international companies in the IT industry.

    Various Products We Offer 

  1. Direct Selling Software
  2. Taxi Management Software
  3. Customer Relationship Management
  4. Students tracking App
  5. E-commerce Development
  6. Project Management Tool

     Various Services We Offer

  1. Blockchain Application Development
  2. Cryptocurrency Development
  3. ERC-20 Token Development
  4. Custom Application Development
  5. Wordpress Plugin Development
  6. Mobile Application Development
  7. Web design Service
  8. Web Application Security
  9. CMS Website Development

Our team of dedicated programmers is proficient to develop software with state of art features on all the latest technology platforms.

If you have any queries related to your custom software development, you can reach us at [email protected]

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calicut, India
  • KSITIL Special Economic Zone Unit No 03, 2nd floor, Sahya building, Govt Cyber Park, Nellikode
    calicut 673016
other locations
  • Bonaventura Somma 15,
    Roma 00124
  • Ravenéstr
    BE 13347


Key clients: 
  1. PhygiCart,
  2. Bizmo,
  3. ThamesBay,
  4. KingsMaker,
  5. Newgen,
  6. Direct Rate & Review,
  7. Network One World,
  8. Patrick,
  9. Slgeneration,
  10. synergyo2,
  11. Funny Invest,
  12. Dipster,
  13. Coinz Venture,
  14. NEO mining & technologies,
  15. Citysmart Club,
  16. Citysmart Taxi,
  17. Wexcellent,
  18. Dreambux,
  19. Bravolt
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