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Ace Cash Express, Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob, ESPN, Pizza Hut, Smoothie King, TopGolf, Vari, Service King, Gold’s Gym, On The Border, Triumph Bank, Twin Peaks Restaurants, FanDuel, Caesar’s Entertainment
How FanDuel improved digital conversion 33% by making the fans the hero. Image

How FanDuel improved digital conversion 33% by making the fans the hero.

Daily fantasy blew up in 2015 and FanDuel quickly became the leader in daily fantasy sports. Their innovative technology made playing fantasy more lucrative with weekly winners and huge cash prizes. With 65% market share, they set the pace for the industry, but because the market was so new, the race was on to gain more first-time players before the market became oversaturated.

Our challenge was to produce creative to

run on social and digital channels as well as draw new players. FanDuel had pushed such a heavy media spend on traditional television and radio that they had alienated the target that they really wanted to attract.

Our strategy was to take the creative into a different direction to show the fan as a relatable sports enthusiast who plays FanDuel to enhance the game watching experience. Next we vetted and chose FanDuel players from across the country who weren’t big-time money winners, but instead played FanDuel because it made the game more exciting. Each player was then filmed in their own home with their friends on an NFL game day so we could capture their natural reactions.

In the first week of promotion the videos created a new direction for FanDuel’s digital presence. Each video was used to target first-time players through Facebook. After 175,000 plays in the first week of play the responses were almost immediate. The videos increased CTR by 33% and first-time players related to the brand in a way they never had before.

How Service King’s promise became a new position.

With 340 locations nationwide, Service King has a presence everywhere, except in front of the eyes of their consumers. We partnered with the brand to grow awareness and gain recognition as the collision center that puts you, the customer, first. Gone are the days when brands talk to themselves about themselves. Our messages were driven by the insight that people want to get their life back to normal and don’t want to deal with
the headache of the repair process. The campaign idea flipped the message from being about the brand’s promise to giving the customer a promise. Service King, Where You Rule. Over the first quarter of the campaign, brand lift studies showed an increase in brand awareness of 14% lift. But the results came to life by the buzz that was earned by consumers talking and sharing the creative ideas across the internet.


Big brands often times solely post specials and product shots while forgetting about the consumer they are trying to reach. Pizza Hut challenged us to make their profile something a little more appetizing to grow their following.

Our strategy was to leverage the power of influencers through CLLB, Infinite’s influencer network. We hand-picked artists from across the nation and collaborated with them to create life-style

shots and stories that showed Pizza Hut products in a lifestyle environment.

Almost instantly we saw an increase in their engagement and their following. Pizza Hut’s Instagram quickly grew from approximately 80,000 to 600,000 organic followers. In addition, the engagement for the page more than doubled over the course of 6 months with no paid ads, making Pizza Hut the most followed pizza brand on Instagram.

How a Texas beer improved share 75% just by being Texan. Image

How a Texas beer improved share 75% just by being Texan.

ZiegenBock is a unique Texas beer brewed for Texans, by Texans, in Texas. With a new visual identity and packaging in place, it was our job to create a campaign that brought this Texas beer to the top of the consumer’s mind. The beer had been around for quite some time, but it had failed to reach any significant awareness in the mind of the Texas consumer. With our biggest competition, Shiner, being named after a Texas town and
owning the Bock category, ZiegenBock needed to tell consumers how truly Texan it was. Our strategy began by understanding the insight that Texans are proud of their state, really proud. So, we set out to tell Texans the story of our great beer through the lens of the connection it has with locations within the great state of Texas. We then developed a campaign that would raise awareness through a mix of digital, traditional and experiential marketing. We created the Traveling Texas Tales tour that placed ZiegenBock at the center of all the places that are truly legendary in Texas. We utilized the packaging illustration in our art direction for out of home billboards, point of sale material, digital assets and online videos to bring awareness to our product at retail. The campaign videos leveraged some of Texas’s tallest tales to star alongside it’s most legendary beer. The campaign received 57,ooo impressions per week with another 5mm impressions delivered through our Texas artists Spotify playlist. The results of ZiegenBock’s campaign speak for themselves. Programmatic ads delivered over 30 million impressions. The point of sale material and out of home campaign helped achieve a 22% lift in features and a 45% improvement to signage displays at retail accounts.