Data Science & Machine Learning Specialists

Founded by five IT professionals and academics. We are a team of 30 people in 3 countries passionate about.

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision 
  • Social Media Analytics

We work to position ourselves as a reference in these areas

IDATHA helps companies and individuals to collect, organize and explore data to make smarter decisions.

We aim to develop innovative products that generate accurate and valuable information for companies and society. We provide consulting and development services to share our knowledge.

$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
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Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Blvr. España 2323, Montevideo
    Montevideo , MO 11300
other locations
  • Torre Scaglia, Carrera 30 #7AA – Piso 207
    Medellín, ANT 251250
  • 114 East 25th Street, NY, 10010
    New York, NY 10010
    United States


Key clients: 

Montes del Plata, Microsoft, IBM, Equifax, Graymeta, Montecon, UPM, GrayMeta, Intendencia de Montevideo, InConcert

Computer Vision - Paper Industry Image

Computer Vision - Paper Industry

Transportation efficiency through computer vision. Security cameras on entrance scales were used to automatically check the amount of wood loaded on incoming trucks.
More than US$ 800k savings in the first months after deploy.

Computer Vision - Entertainment Industry Image

Computer Vision - Entertainment Industry

More than 15 custom AI models - most of them non-existent previously, others are improved versions of existing models provided by big companies like Amazon, Google, MSFT.   Some examples include facial recognition technology especially tailored to meet specific needs to maximise value or a custom sports model to detect events during soccer matches.  
Machine Learning - Technology Industry Image

Machine Learning - Technology Industry

In its quest to expand its market and find new customers, Microsoft used our experience and technology to gain new business opportunities by analyzing data from different open sources.   We analyze, process and integrate them creating a system that allowed companies to be rated for their propensity to purchase.  
Machine Learning - Goverment Image

Machine Learning - Goverment

Montevideo is recognised as one of the smartest cities in the region because of the citizen engagement, artificial intelligence, transformation of the traffic matrix, cultural innovation, environmental sustainability, financial intelligence, increasing intelligence in digital communication and more.
We continue working with the City of Montevideo on a project that seeks to improve communication between the municipal
government and citizens, with the use of technology.  
Data Science - Telco Industry Image

Data Science - Telco Industry

We partnered with Kinetix, a company that provides tailored solutions in the telecommunications sector, to create a product capable of processing roaming telecommunications signaling messages.

As a result, we have created one of the most complete roaming management platforms on the market.

Machine Learning & NLP - Contact Center Image

Machine Learning & NLP - Contact Center

We worked with InConcert on a speech analytics solution that automatically discovers and analyzes words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during calls to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

A custom query language was developed on top of the NLP enriched texts.