Direct Email Marketing

IBrands is an email marketing agency specialized in obtaining direct results per campaign since 1999, belonging to the VIKO Group.

It offers the following services: Email marketing hypothesized actions to get qualified traffic or records, display (graphic advertising) actions to CPA (Cost per Acquisition), to generate sales-oriented campaigns, a technology of the mobile trading desk to make campaigns in mobile devices oriented to web result or to download mobile applications, with the technology Appburn itself.

$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
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Madrid, Spain
other locations
  • Zamora, 46-48, 3º 4ª
    Barcelona, BA 08005
  • Areal 18, 3º – Oficina 5
    Vigo, PO 36201
  • Jaime Balmes No. 8-104, Col. Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo,
    Mexico City, MEX 11510