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Iblesoft Inc. is a Software Development, IT Service, and Online Solutions provider for companies of all sizes. Our approach for our technology services goes beyond effective data management and integration. Our goal is to make our clients run more efficient companies. We do it by first understanding your challenges and then, recommend, and implement the solutions to reduce redundancies while increasing your business’ revenue and growth.

We are able to do that through our specialized services which include:

  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Migration Services
  • Product Development
  • Application Management
  • Integration Services
  • Testing Services
  • BPO Services
  • Open Source PHP
  • Microsoft.Net


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The Children’s Trust is a well-respected non-profit organization that has served thousands of needy children year after year. Iblesoft worked with The Children’s Trust located in Miami, Florida. We were more than excited to work not only with a local organization but a non-profit as well. Since we were within arm’s length of their operation it was easier for us to work personally with them. In the area of the

company vision, we were able to explore the importance of their website being able to display photo albums, agreements, calendar items and News Feeds. After reviewing their existing website, we performed a full database export, imported the new data into the new instance created and met all of their requirements.

Technology Used:

The decided framework for this project was Joomla. The reason we went with Joomla is due to its stable PHP CMS. But also for security considering it has been installed on countless servers. After securing the site and its components we were able to successfully implement the site with no issues. 

BoxOn Logistics Software Image

BoxOn Logistics Software

All these years you do not have flexible migration tool to retire legacy Logistics Apps. Now you have BoxOn Cloud solutions. A workflow based, easy to configure engine developed by the Supply Chain Gurus.

BoxOn Freight Forward Software:

BoxOn Freight Forwarder Software (BO FFS) is a Logistics Software designed keeping the following service providers in mind: international carriers offering freight forwarding

service, Air & Ocean carriers, NVOCCs, consolidates and forwarding agents, couriers, warehousing service providers, and cargo airlines.

BoxOn International P.O. Box Software:

BoxOn is a culmination of many years of rules based application development and testing. It is built on the
notion of leverage – building an application to build applications rather than building an application. It is a
set of tools created for developers and analyst to build custom solutions.

Online Audiobook Retailer for the Spanish-Speaking Market Image

Online Audiobook Retailer for the Spanish-Speaking Market


FonoLibro is an online audiobook retailer for the Spanish-speaking market.  They originally came to Iblesoft about 7 years ago with a concept to sell books in Spanish through an eCommerce platform.  This business has evolved over the years from selling hard copies online to downloadable audiobooks to streaming audio. As well as developing a compatible iPhone application and maximizing the latest Magento

features and benefits to keep the site fresh.

Iblesoft was contracted to develop a new platform for selling audio books in a friendly and efficient way.  Fonolibro was looking for a platform that would allow customers to download audiobooks in a zip file. While also giving customers access to a purchased product list from both the website and the mobile app regardless of the platform.

The Solution

Iblesoft selected Magento as the preferred eCommerce platform for this project and developed a compatible iPhone app. We then develop a custom extension to add purchased books through the eCommerce site to the app.  Therefore, when a customer clicks a book, the Magento site or iPhone app automatically picks up the request and downloads those files to a common database. Additionally, the custom extension creates an API from the common database to feed the customer account data and files to the site and the app.  Those files are then converted into both a downloadable and streaming format depending upon the customer’s preference.

Food Delivery Services to the Greater Miami Area Image

Food Delivery Services to the Greater Miami Area

Dans Deliveries Usa, Inc is a privately held company based in Miami, Florida. They offer Third Party Delivery services to the greater Miami area but wanted to set themselves up for growth. Due to the growing competition of food delivery apps now available, they approached us about entering the market competition.

Dans Deliveries wanted a mobile application for both Android and iPhone users in order to expand their

reach. We ultimately ended up developing their mobile app, Ding Dong, now available in the Apple and Android app store.

The Ding Dong app was a challenge for us because it had to meet certain complex requirements. But our Mobile Development team took over the project with outmost focus and dedication.

The mobile app allows customers to view and order from various affiliates. When an order is placed a push notification to the respective affiliate is sent out with all the order details.

More info about our the app you will find in our portfolio.

Largest Employers of People with Disabilities Image

Largest Employers of People with Disabilities

Goodwill Industries is an internationally well-known benevolent organization with a history that spans over 50 years. Goodwill focuses on training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities, transitioning individuals to independence and productivity. Since they are such a large company, it was a humbling experience to work with them. Since they are the largest employers of people with disabilities, they came to

Iblesoft seeking a company that was skilled in developing custom solutions to all types of users. The initial phase of analysis was critical. At first, they allowed us to walk through their facility, introduced us to the users at all levels from administrative to executive so we could gain an all-around perspective of the software user-base. Although they had a set system, there was a huge issue to address which was Inventory & Order management. We then knew that a cloud-based .NET application was the best solution for them. By looking at it from a productivity perspective, changes to the ordering process would be critical to minimize errors and also improve user performance. As a result, we completely customized and integrated the application into every department. Additionally, training, report writing and data imports were all aspects of this project too.