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HYS Enterprise is a software development house with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and development labs in Odesa, Ukraine, that provides IT consulting and software development services for businesses within telecom, finance and banking, e-commerce, transport and logistics, energy and utilities, healthcare, and other sectors.

At HYS Enterprise, passionate people and finely-honed processes synergize to provide maximum efficiency and focus on increasing the core business values of our clients.

Whether building a new bespoke system for a client, fixing a derailed project or helping to align software development with business goals, HYS Enterprise delivers. Our customers observe visible results within weeks, not months or years, a fact we are proud of and one most appreciated by our clients.

All you need to have your software product ahead of a game: 

  • Rich tech expertise with best practices in domains;
  • Dedicated development team committed to your success; 
  • Agile approach with WE MAKE IT HAPPEN attitude. 

We deliver tailored solutions, customized applications and IT consulting to assist organizations in creating their own software and increasing operational efficiency. 

HYS Enterprise is capable of implementation of complex platforms using cutting-edge technologies in a reasonable timeframe with outstanding quality.

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Key clients: 

Youfone, Maxeda, Brico, Praxis, Vanad Aloha, Budget Energy, SwishFund, FCCE, Filogic, and others. Apply for clients' feedback and contact references at   

Resource Management Software  Image

Resource Management Software

Analytical web-based PM software for multi-project management that helps you achieve a smooth workflow by approaching project management from the perspective of resource availability.


The full-featured suite is designed to help create effort based workloads, spot bottlenecks, and set priorities. This add-value application integrates with MS Project, Jira, TOPdesk, Primavera,

Trimergo and upgrades them to the next level.


The product includes a web interface, mobile and wearables.


Entertainment Experience Emirates Web Portal  Image

Entertainment Experience Emirates Web Portal

Entertainment Experience platform, supported by social media, TV channels, events and online talent community environment for user-generated content production, movie-making and distribution.


Solution delivered: 

The third-generation advanced cross-media platform with cloud-based architecture using AWS, dynamic pages and content management system with RTL support,

extensive suite for users collaboration and talent community development.



Backend: Node.js, PostgreSQL, Loopback

Frontend: Angular / TS, Bootstrap, SCSS Mobile: React Native, Swift / iOS



Transportation Management System  Image

Transportation Management System

An all-in-one transport management system (TMS) that’s fully cloud-based, flexible, and easy to use. The software offers an exclusive approach they call the FiLogic Roadmap, which maps out a route from onboarding to consolidated growth for all types of transport businesses, regardless of carrier type and company size.


A full-stack cloud-based SaaS that provides order

management, route optimization, billing, planning board, customer portal, packaging registration, real-time track & trace, and management reporting. Integration with APIs. 

Technologies: .NET, Java, Angular, .NET Core


Online platform for grocery delivery service Image

Online platform for grocery delivery service

Online platform for same-day grocery delivery service in the Netherlands, which enabled consumers to select products from the nearest supermarkets through the web interface and get a personal shoppers to follow the list via the mobile app, buying the goods and delivering the order within two hours.

Functionality delivered: 

Shop aggregation platform

Flexible delivery

management system

Automated delivery schedule for delivery managers

Technologies: PHP, Magento 2, Android Java, iOS Objective C



Billing and Provisioning System  Image

Billing and Provisioning System

The project goal was to develop have-it-all billing and provisioning system to consolidate processing of three different business areas (energy supply, telecommunications and internet services).

We implemented a unified billing and provisioning system that performed all process flows from a new order to the end of supply, including:

- all necessary technical and financial checks for a new customer with

external systems
- places the order to external systems
- process the contract signing flow
- performs billing and invoicing
- dunning for unpaid invoices
- end of supply flow
- notifies the customer via email about events
- exports all financial events to a general ledger
- performs reporting
- audits most of events
- backups all data in Data Warehouse


Online portal for a mobile virtual network operator, TV and Internet  provider Image

Online portal for a mobile virtual network operator, TV and Internet provider

Online portal for a mobile virtual network operator and provider of TV and internet services, that helps regular and business customers to manage mobile numbers and control expenses, to block, resume, change or buy subscriptions, renew contracts, and activate Sim cards.


Solution delivered: 

Up-to-date, scalable, and fully automated platform


website and mobile applications 

Billing and provisioning

Customer care system

Technologies: .NET, C#, MS SQL

Credit Management System Image

Credit Management System

The company provides flexible payment solutions for both individual and business customers with the option to pay for any good or service via payment plan with fixed monthly instalments instead of full price. Different kinds of credit products and flexible terms allows picking solution that is perfectly fitting to any budget and purpose.

Solution delivered: 

An online credit product

management system that is responsible for handling credit products on every stage of its life cycle - from an application process, where different kind of checks and validations are performed, and during an active cycle, including customer support, automated collection and dunning processes, BKR registrations etc.