A freeman company

We use a variety of technologies to achieve our goals, including touch, gesture, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Our pursuit to create better brand interactions results in thoughtful design, effective social sharing, and meaningful data collection. This focus helps us meet our clients goals, both now and in the future. Helios Interactive is an experience design studio that ideates, builds, and deploys consumer solutions that integrate the most cutting edge technologies on the market.

For more information or to see some of our work, please visit www.heliosinteractive.com. We are proud to announce that we are now a member of the Freeman Company and can work with clients to provide true end-to-end solutions.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
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San Francisco, CA
  • 350 Rhode Island St #220N, San Francisco
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    United States