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Eight years strong, Heard Agency is an independent collective of industry innovators. We are a full service boutique agency and do everything in-house, offering our clients consistency, convenience and confidence.

Heard’s owner-operators are hands-on at the front line, helping the whole team deliver the greatest outcomes from the start, through to the final 5%.

Our work is insights led and we are exceptionaly strategic in our approach, whilst providing excellent client service. Most importantly, we support our clients’ needs in a truly responsive way - working fast and as partners to solve business problems and smash sales targets.

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Redfern, Australia
  • Level 3, Suite 1-5 Gibbons Street
    Redfern, NSW 2016


Key clients: 

DHL; Defense Housing Australia; Brita; Aboriginal Housing Comapny; Pierre Fabre; Deicorp Constructions; Entity.  

Genea Image


Digital & Social / Video

Positioning Newcastle to an Asian market as the tourism destination for IVF solutions.

Genea is an Australian-based fertility clinic that virtually doubled IVF success rates for patients in the mid-nineties. Their latest innovation is a one-of-a-kind three-week medical experience in idyllic Newcastle, combining science and holistic lifestyle therapies to create a positive environment

for patients who seek assistance with conceiving. In 2016, China lifted their one-child policy – presenting a huge opportunity for Genea Newcastle.

Our UX process focused on demystifying and breaking down barriers to the IVF process. Guided by Genea’s ‘professional but relatable’ brand guidelines, we utilised infographics and icons within an extremely intuitive navigation to break down complex information into inviting content. We also ensured the website was fully responsive for mobile and tablet use, as well as optimised for organic search with a strong selection of keywords in English and Mandarin.

Morspace Image


Branding / FMCG / Video

Building the brand and go-to-market strategy for an innovative shelving system.

Morspace – a customisable wall shelving solution – is the brainchild of an astute businessman specialising in building and construction. We were engaged to sell this game-changing product to the B2C market, which is already packed with cheaper, lower-quality options. Yet our strategy bypassed B2C: we

recognised that we needed to build Morspace’s credibility and awareness with mass-market retailers first, particularly in the US. Therefore, we developed a minimalist yet distinctive identity reminiscent of a high-end European brand, to elevate Morspace brand above its competitors. Off the back of our branding and delivery of sales collateral, two major retailers expressed interest in stocking Morspace ahead of launch.
Island Body Image

Island Body

Branding / Digital & Social / FMCG

A premium identity for a cosmetics and clothing brand that lives flawless, wild and free.

Island Body is a new business whose range of products (including tanning lotion, sunscreen, haircare and resort-style menswear) are conceived and manufactured in Bali. We were excited to develop such a unique brand for a launch in a unique foreign market, creating cut-through and

credibility ahead of an eventual global rollout. Our brand story for Island Body targets an elite consumer: frequent jet-setters who want to look and feel their best, free-spirited individuals seeking adventure and good vibes wherever in the world they may be. A simple yet bold sun logo, highly adaptable across all kinds of collateral, was the natural design choice to attract these sun-lovers. Our focus was always on the brand’s tropical birthplace: amping up the most fun, sexy aspects of a never-ending Bali holiday.
Cricket Club Image

Cricket Club

Government / Video

Uniting two well-established cricket clubs – each with a unique heritage – as one youthful brand.

The recent merger of the Balmain Tigers and South Sydney Cricket Clubs brought together 800 players, from juniors to semi-professional cricketers. But with participation numbers on a steady decline across the sport, the BSSCC looked to modernise and re-evaluate their acquisition and retention

strategies. This included a new identity with single mascot that defines the values and attitudes of the club. We were thrilled to offer our services pro bono, to support this sport which has brought so much joy and unity to our country for so many decades.
Tribe Image


Branding / Digital & Social

Bringing a tribe of independent brewery companies together under one new master brand.

The team behind the award-winning Stockade Brew Cowere ready to take their business to the next level by creating a parent entity, under which Stockade and their growing range of other beer brands could strategically sit. We were engaged to conceive a brand identity, as well as design and

develop their debut website, to position them as Australia’s largest independent craft brewer.

We wanted to capture our client’s proud community spirit and core objective of bringing beer lovers together through exceptional-quality craft brews. With the perfectly apt name of Tribe, we created a strong logo wordmark and stark colour scheme that would be instantly recognisable. This bold and contemporary branding fits effortlessly with the more corporate feel required for the website, where the Tribe business story is told and their full range of brands showcased.

TNT Redfern Image

TNT Redfern

3D & CGI

Celebrating the city fringe with a dramatic yet premium brand identity.

We were engaged to develop a brand identity for the Deicorp’s upcoming residential redevelopment of 250 apartments, located opposite the train station in the former TNT Logistics headquarters in Redfern. Subject to extensive revitalisation plans by the state government, we wanted to capitalise on the suburb’s transformation into

the next Sydney hotspot while still honouring the history and spirit of the local community.

With a wealth of competition surrounding the site, we needed to distinguish TNT Apartments from the rest with an aspirational brand story. Both geographically and culturally, Redfern sits ‘on the edge’ – leading us to our dynamic creative proposition ‘Live on the edge’. Every element of the branding was chosen to underline TNT’s coveted location and exciting lifestyle: from the industrial-chic palette to the moody aerial photography.

The Good Sort Image

The Good Sort

Campaigns / FMCG

Breaking through a busy marketplace with the launch of an all-natural female centric health brand.

The Good Sort is a new range of wellness shakes made with 100% natural ingredients, immediately giving them an edge in a crowded marketplace packed with synthetic, low-quality protein powders. We were engaged to officially launch this exciting brand with a bang and create product awareness among

amongst market of health-conscious working women and mothers who are always on the go.

With a strong focus on The Good Sort’s ease of use and convenience, our integrated, female first, launch campaign included a product photoshoot that demonstrated the products’ unique points of difference. PR activity was key for this campaign; we widely distributed press releases and media kits to key health and beauty editors.

We blitzed our female audience across their favourite magazines and social media profiles, supported by a blend of organic and paid online advertising. This strategy ensured our message fed into the media channels used by women to seek health and beauty advice.

The Banks Image

The Banks

3D & CGI / Property / Video

A showcase of the dynamic diversity within South Sydney, centering on a dining, retail and residential precinct.

Deicorp’s development in Rockdale features three apartment buildings, separated by a pedestrian laneway lined with restaurants and retail options. Beyond its centralised location and abundance of amenities, we envisioned The Banks as the heart of Rockdale. The bayside

suburb has evolved over the years, always embracing the many different cultures calling it home. Based on this insight, we sought to promote the richness and diversity of a Rockdale lifestyle for The Banks’ identity.
South Village Image

South Village

3D & CGI / Branding / Campaigns / Property

Creating a community atmosphere for monumental mixed-use development in the Sutherland Shire.

Deicorp’s Kirrawee development features over 700 units across seven buildings, a shopping centre, dining precinct and 9,000sqm public park. Therefore, it was critical that its branding address the perception it could be hugely disruptive (especially during the construction

stage) on the existing Shire community.

We wanted to promote the convenience and interconnectedness of the precinct; that residents will have everything they need on their doorstep. Hence, ‘Feel the village vibe’ became our positioning line and the foundation for all our creative. With a brand palette that evokes both warmth and luxury, this welcoming identity had the flexibility to evolve – providing scalability across multiple channels and sell-through over time.

SV Refresh Image

SV Refresh

Branding / Campaigns / Property

Live Bolder

Kirrawee’s South Village is an unrivalled hub of contemporary living. The project experienced massive success following its highly-anticipated launch, with 70% of apartments sold and earning Silver for Best Visual Identity in Property at the Transform Awards Asia Pacific. However, despite the initial brand recognition, marketing fatigue saw an eventual slow in


We reinvigorated sales leads with a brand refresh. This ambitious mixed-use development has been staged over 5 years, so we ensured we leveraged the established brand recognition and integrity.

Pemulwuy Image


Government / Video

Turning community housing strategy on its head by hijacking bad publicity to build positive brand sentiment.

The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) had purchased The Block, a notorious piece of land in Redfern, to redevelop as Pemulwuy: a new mixed-use site with affordable housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, a gymnasium, commercial, cultural and retail spaces, student

accommodation, and childcare centre. This project has been met with some opposition from the exitsing community, who are distrustful about its  intentions.

To restore faith in this indigenous-managed project, we strategically implemented community engagement tactics and controlled the direction of conversations about Pemulwuy within the community and press. We hosted and chaired several public meetings where media were invited, leading to several articles in the South Sydney Herald and Courier Mail. Our objective was to keep the community updated on the facts, ensuring Stage 1 of the development wasn’t sidelined by misleading, negative press or protests.

Paradise Seeker Image

Paradise Seeker

Digital & Social

Providing a luxury accommodation comparison website with a five-star, custom-built web platform.

Our brief from Paradise Seeker was no small task: create a new web-based platform for high-end travellers looking for peer-reviewed luxury accommodation with highly personalised search capabilities. Equally important, we were also engaged to develop Paradise Seeker’s brand identity.


work began with an intensive brand emersion workshop to help us determine Paradise Seeker’s personality, language, and tone of voice. We also identified key segments of their target market, enabling us to define user types and generate detailed user flow documentation. We delivered custom-build web architecture to support maximum user engagement, resulting in a fully responsive website with animated instructions and a user portal for user-generated content such as reviews.
Salt Image


3D & CGI / Property

Transforming the laidback into luxury in one of the Northern Beaches’ most sought-after locales.

After acquiring a prime piece of land in Narrabeen (only 100 metres from the beach) over a decade ago, our client decided the time was ripe to transform it into something truly special: a beautiful boutique residence offering a luxurious coastal lifestyle. We were tasked with developing a

brand for the development that did justice to its high-end quality and exclusitivity, while capturing the ‘urban oasis’ spirit of the Northern Beaches.

The name SALT was inspired the breathtaking landscape of the Northern Beaches coastline, where you can see, touch and taste the salt of the sea wafting on the summer breeze.

Oliana Foods Image

Oliana Foods


Transforming a local business into an Australian-wide company that connects people around the world through good food.

Oliana is a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned company producing quality Mediterranean food and beverages sourced from around the world. The company was ready for expansion, so we were engaged to elevate their brand and develop a retail strategy to position Oliana as a truly national


The Oliana range had grown considerably since its inception, so its updated identity needed to unite all new and existing products under one central message. We crafted a brand personality that reflected modern, multicultural Australia – targeting people with Mediterranean origins as well as cultured ‘foodies’ who enjoy entertaining. Aided by our brand transformation, Oliana Foods was soon stocked in Woolworths supermarkets nationally.

Office of Local Government Image

Office of Local Government


A strategic website redesign to restore community confidence and an improved experience with a government body.

The Office of Local Government (OLG) is the organisation responsible for all 128 local government districts in NSW. Like most government agencies, their website needed to communicate the latest legislation and information – however, a once-concise user experience had been buried under the

constant influx of new content. We were brought on to strategically review and redevelop it in order to help users find what was relevant to them faster and more efficiently.

Without any data or insights, our first step was a detailed audit to determine what worked and what didn’t. We immediately implemented site-wide heat maps and Google tracking to analyse user behaviour. We also conducted surveys with targeted focus groups throughout the process. Ultimately, we were able to develop an entirely new site architecture with two distinctive journeys for the contrasting user types (the public and council).

Neufort Image


3D & CGI / Property / Video

A trendy property brand identity that sets the benchmark for gentrification of inner-city Newcastle.

Blake Organisation was ready to launch their apartment development in Wickham, on the foreshore in Newcastle’s inner city. Three kilometres from the CBD and close to the new transport interchange, this suburb is slated for rapid revitalisation over the next five years – including

the development of many other residential projects. We were engaged to create a brand that made Blake’s property stand out over its competitors.

Our branding needed to both embody the beauty and amenities of Newcastle today as well as Wickham’s emerging potential and transformation in the future. The apartments were perfectly priced for young professionals, so we defined our key target audiences as 28 to 35-year old ‘hipsters’ looking to buy their first home, and local investors who wanted to reap the long-term rewards of a property purchase in a gentrified area. Thus we formed a striking identity showcasing Neufort as the buzzing hub for a fashionable inner-city lifestyle.

Merindah Image


3D & CGI / Campaigns / Digital & Social / Property / Video

Rebranding a premium apartment development with a premium identity.

Established Sydney-based developer Pinnacle are looking to shift their focus to the NSW Central Coast. However, their most recent local project, Merindah Apartments, saw a decline in interest since its initial launch. We were engaged to rebrand Merindah and launch their final

sales release, in order to drive sales for the remaining 60 apartments.

To strategically re-engage the market, we zeroed in on the insight of Gosford’s civic, commercial and cultural growth – emerging as a dream destination for first-home buyers who want an idyllic lifestyle but still need to travel to Sydney for work. We therefore ‘upgraded’ the Merindah branding, giving the logo a high-end evolution with clean, interconnected lines to illustrate Merindah’s connectivity to both city and coast.

Lust Liquor Image

Lust Liquor


An innovative beverage that gives the liquor retail market a new lust for life.

Lust Liquor is not your average alcoholic beverage. Its key ingredients are an amino acid blend for muscle recovery, Acetyl L-Carnitine which is an active fat burner, and Glutamine for boosting brain health and athletic performance – all of which gives Lust Liquor an immediate point of difference in the market as a

new-generation alcoholic sports drink. We were engaged to design Lust’s logo and packaging to target young people aged 18-30 years with an active, health-conscious lifestyle.


Rather than try to capture the traditional high-energy look and feel of a sports drink, we went for a softer, more aspirational aesthetic – the clean and minimal millennial style. Our design features carefully-crafted typography and plenty of negative clean space, highlighting the product’s health benefits and flavours. A single-stroke style reminiscent of neon signs and our retro badge logo is a wink to the naughty and ‘underground’ connotations of Lust’s name.

Loucas Architects Image

Loucas Architects


Designing a brand identity that would speak volumes for an architectural firm formerly relying on word-of-mouth.

First established as AB Works, our client is a Sydney-based architecture studio renowned for designing commercially-minded projects for large-scale developers. Over 16 years they had accumulated new business only via word-of-mouth, but were looking for a new way to communicate their strong

track record for maximising developer yields.

The brandology behind AB Works was unfounded – so we had a real opportunity to elevate the company from the sole proprietorship it started as, into the professional organisation it had evolved into. By renaming the company Loucas Architects we paid homage to the firm’s founder, as well as create clarity of the service they offer.

Kurra Cronulla Image

Kurra Cronulla

3D & CGI

Developing the identity for boutique residential retreat on nature’s doorstep.

Klees Developments’ newest offering was an exclusive number of spacious low-density townhouses and villas, nestled in the Sutherland Shire bayside community of Burraneer. We were engaged to develop a memorable brand identity that balanced the development’s laidback luxury with its close proximity to


Knowing our target audience were already dyed-in-the-wool locals, we crafted creative that centred the Shire at every opportunity – including reframing the residence’s location as bustling Cronulla rather than the less-recognisable Burraneer. Australia’s iconic landscape was a constant inspiration: from the flowering gum leaf accompanying the handwritten wordmark, to the coastal colour palette of fresh aqua and warm ivory.

Kee Image



Transforming a working-class Sydney suburb into a first-class lifestyle location.

We were engaged to develop a brand identity that instilled confidence in Piety THP’s newest project: an 11-storey residential and commercial development in Lidcombe. At the time, this Western Sydney suburb was plagued by negative publicity around poor quality developments and the embarrassing antics of local


To shape our go-to-market strategy, we sought creative inspiration from our target market: a fusion of Lidcombe’s Korean and Chinese community. We struck upon the insight that this well-educated demographic are highly aspirational, and work hard in order to afford a comfortable lifestyle for themselves. From here we built an opulent brand story to inspire and excite our target audience, which harmoniously threaded all communications together and cut through the crowded property market.

IGT Image



IGoT is a fresh brand identity that makes a government service recognisable, accessible and relatable to all Australians.

The office of Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT) is an independent government body who address complaints about customer service procedures and policies of the Australian Taxation Office and Tax Practitioners Board. However, there is very little public awareness of their valuable

services, so IGT decided to augment their traditional communications channels with social media – led by a reinvigorating update to their brand identity.

Our first step was to define IGT’s unique audience segments in order to contextualise and strategically drive branding solutions. During the creative experimental phase, we struck upon the abbreviation IGoT: an instantly-approachable modular device that spoke to the differing demographics. Our new name was accented with three coloured circles, to represent both IGT’s key service offering as well as their key audience segments. We developed a strong brand strategy that would seamlessly translate to the digital space for community engagement.

GPTT Image



Repositioning a training organisation looking to innovate and expand.

General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) is a professional training organisation for General Practice registrars in Tasmania. As competition increased in the training sector, GPTT developed a business plan that focused on repositioning their organisation and growing their member base. We were briefed to help GPTT ‘suit up’ and

present the best-possible business case to secure much-needed government funding.

Our marketing strategy centred on building their profile and reputation by strongly calling out their training excellence and diversification. We utilised their most accomplished members as the brand ambassadors – selecting representatives from each core segment, from medical students to seasoned practitioners.

Engineers Aus Image

Engineers Aus


Boosting the brand awareness and perception for Australia’s foremost engineering body among employers and students.

Created and run by engineers, Engineers Australia (EA) have used their expertise to advocate on the behalf of engineers for over 95 years. They are the largest, most diverse, and most legitimate engineering body in Australia – exclusively delivering the Chartered Status, Australia’s

highest qualification. However, lower-cost suppliers had begun entering the Australian market offering engineering certifications that met minimum government requirements.

We needed to reinforce EA’s position as the peak body for professional qualifications in Australia and South-East Asia. Our research showed that there was very low awareness amongst students and graduates that they can become EA members prior to having gained industry experience. We also discovered that there was an inherent scepticism around the value (both monetary and practical) of joining. Therefore, we needed to brand EA as being part of something meaningful that could elevate their career potential.

Chego Image



Transforming an aspiring property developer’s new company into a bold, grand brand identity.

A builder and home renovator with two decades of experience, Makary Chegodaev was expanding into property development. We were engaged to establish his new business Chego Homes in the market, with a highly polished identity that would attract purchasers and investors alike.

Chego’s point of difference

was the project’s stunning design; elevating current styles and trends by using unique materials and finishes. We brought this detail to the forefront with the creative proposition of ‘Creating a Beautiful Life’. Coupled with a dramatic yet professional look and feel, refinement and opulence became the hallmarks of the Chego brand.
Akuna Vista Image

Akuna Vista

3D & CGI / Campaigns / Digital & Social / Government / Property / Video

The incredibly strategic launch for the first stage of a ten-year property project.

Akuna Vista is the new master-planned community in North West Sydney by developer Defence Housing Australia (DHA). With acres to sell, it was essential to build a brand awareness that would seamlessly transition into leads and conversions. Therefore,

we meticulously scheduled a two-part, ten-week campaign blitz that firstly established Akuna Vista in the market, then created urgency around its Stage 1 sales launch. The strategy behind this campaign began by defining our target audience, using tools such as Roy Morgan to understand their habits and aspirations. We were able to determine which advertising mediums, both on and offline, would be the most engaging and effective for reaching this audience during their daily lives. With a highly tactical media plan in place, we ensured nobody in our target market missed the arrival of Akuna Vista Schofields.
CCA Winslow Image

CCA Winslow

Digital & Social / Video

Evolving two civil construction companies into one unified brand.

Recently-merged Civil Contractors Australia and Winslow needed to promote confidence in their new partnership, both externally and among their internal team. Our job was to amalgamate the two brands in a way that recognised their separate heritage, yet communicated their progression into one stable and modern company.

This evolution was built around CCA’s legacy positioning line ‘Integrity, Innovation, Performance’. We retained key design features from each original identity, so that we didn’t lose any brand integrity that both had earned over the years.


To drive internal buy-in ahead of the public unveiling, we facilitated a brand launch party led by the release of the company’s yearly capability statement. The executive team praised our professional organisation of the event, and reported that the brand refresh was extremely well received by key stakeholders.

Bubze (UX) Image

Bubze (UX)

Branding / Digital & Social / FMCG

We’d developed a spot-on branding for Bubze. The next step: perfecting its online experience. is an online boutique offering stylish accessories for newborn babies and infants. In a bid to create a more enjoyable shopping experience (and thereby increasing sales), we took the Bubze website on an in-depth UX journey through four phases: Research, Define, Ideate,

and Prototype.
Bubze (Brand) Image

Bubze (Brand)

Branding / Digital & Social / Video

Giving birth to the branding and launch strategy for a new online baby accessories store.

Mumpreneur Darragh Heard (co-owner of Heard Agency) was ready to launch, an online boutique for baby accessories. In an incredibly competitive market place heavily driven by Instagram small business success stories, we needed to develop a brand identity with cut-through

and longevity, as well as ongoing integrated marketing strategies that would build brand awareness and drive sales.

The Bubze brand specialises in quality-made and competitively priced products that are also highly stylish. Our target audience was socially-conscious parents who spend their spare time following fashion blogs and social media. We veered well away from expected ‘cutesy’ or gender-conscious branding, for something that would appeal to those who favour the organic, ethical, individual and elegant – leveraging an on-trend pastel colour palette, geometric patterns, and a handwritten logotype.

Stockade Image


Digital & Social / FMCG

We built an online presence for a craft beer company that’s as enjoyable an experience as their products.

Stockade Brew Co are the creator of award-winning craft beers unique not only in flavour and brewing methods, but also packaging design and marketing. As they branch out into international exports and cellar door-style venues, we were engaged for the crucial next step of their

growth: taking their business online.

We built Stockade an e-commerce site that did more than sell beers and merch. It also facilitated the purchase of subscription packages, ticketing and event management, and integrated store locator and social media content.

Somersets Image


Digital & Social

A clean-cut new look for English men’s shaving oil, about to launch in the Australian market.

Based in Henley, England, Somersets is a family-owned and operated company specialising in men’s shaving oil who are launching one of their flagship products in Australia. We were engaged to facilitate this launch, using the opportunity to freshen up their packaging and introduce the product’s USP

to a new market.

While the tiny bullet-shaped bottle posed some design limitations, we embraced the challenge to use the unique real estate to best sell the Somersets story. Rather than diverge from the brand’s British heritage, we chose to elevate it as our key message, renaming the product as ‘English Shaving Oil’. Drawing inspiration from the geometric shapes and bold colours of nautical flags, our packaging paid homage to Somersets’ regatta sport culture and vintage style while embracing contemporary design trends – creating a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic with long-term salability.

Pinnacle Image



Lifting up a property developer to the peaks of success within the Central Coast.

Pinnacle Construction Group are a well-established builder from Sydney. However, with multiple developments planned for the NSW Central Coast, they were seeking to maximise their opportunities in this emerging growth corridor. We were engaged to produce a brand identity and integrated marketing strategy that establishes

Pinnacle as a community-centric developer with strong local values and an expanding range of service offerings, driving leads for future projects.

Our first step was to transition the Pinnacle brand story from construction to a more emotive focus on their development and lifestyle benefits – aptly done by dropping ‘Construction Group’ from their name. The distinctive new logo celebrated Pinnacle’s position at the top of the ‘mountain’, supported by a bolder interpretation of their existing brand palette. We echoed Pinnacle’s achievements with the brand proposition The Peak of Living; also speaking to their customers’ property aspirations.

Avène Image


Campaigns / FMCG / Video

Shining a light on sensitive sun protection with extraordinary, everyday Australians.

French dermo-cosmetic company Avène are beloved all over the world for their products, specifically formulated to soothe and protect sensitive skin. We were engaged to create a launch campaign for their new sunscreen range in Australia – one that cut-through an incredibly competitive market of tried,

trusted and long-established brands. As skin damage caused by sun exposure is an especially important topic in Australia, our target audience was indefinably wide-ranging. We embraced this challenge by creating a striking key visual using raw close-ups of real and diverse people – emphasising the message that everyone is susceptible to sun damage. Along with our everyday Australians, we also engaged humanitarian, athlete and author Turia Pitt as the Sunsitive ambassador. We took great care to ensure that the campaign capitalised on her incredible influence in a positive and authentic way.
myCompass Image


Digital & Social / Government

We helped this self-help program maximise its opportunities with an exceptionally improved UX/UI design.

myCompass is a free online self-help program run by Black Dog Institute (BDI) for people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and stress. Since launching in 2012 their brand and website had become dated and unable to provide users with an easy journey through the


Developing this new website required a complete UX/UI overhaul, drastically improving site navigation through intuitive web design. By rebuilding the website onto a fully mobile-responsive platform, we created a flexible online space that ensured the target market could interact with the self-help tools in a stress-free way. It also allowed for the easy customisation of new modules, making long-term maintenance and optimisation more economical.

Klorane Image



Bringing a haircare brand back to its natural roots, with help from a celebrity beauty.

With a background in producing plant-derived active ingredients, Klorane are the makers of Australia’s number one dry shampoo and the world’s first-ever. However, this niche in the market had become increasingly aggressive, with numerous haircare brands launching their own dry shampoos every month. We were engaged

to keep Klorane on top in Aussie pharmacies through the launch of their new product – a tinted dry shampoo specifically for dark-coloured hair.

Our campaign capitalised on Klorane’s relationship with model and radio host Bec Judd, whose 2017 partnership with the brand resulted in a positive market share lift from the previous year. Bec had recently dyed her hair from blonde to her natural brown, which – combined with Klorane’s ‘natural’ branding and the April launch date of the product – provided us with the perfect concept. ‘Season of the Brunette’ championed the rich colours of dark hair synonymous with Autumn, using social and digital channels to share content about embracing and connecting to nature.

Highline Image


Campaigns / Property / Video

A star-studded integrated campaign that gives sleepy Western Sydney a New York attitude.

We were engaged to produce a brand identity for Deicorp’s biggest development yet: a 900-apartment precinct in Westmead. This Western Sydney suburb, located far from the Sydney CBD, is associated with hospitals rather than residential. Our branding needed to overcome this preconception and

reposition Westmead as a desirable place to live, especially for the young people who work and study there.

Knowing our target demographic would not respond to traditional design-led marketing materials, we strategised a fast-paced creative campaign that potential owner-occupiers while travelling to and from work and on the weekends. We positioned Westmead as Sydney’s newest metropolis, taking cues from New York City – in particular the High Line linear park and NYC’s iconic subway maps – to inject the brand with colour and confidence, and create a bold, contemporary aesthetic that was easily translated across all collateral.

GrandH Image


3D & CGI / Property

Creating a cosmopolitan community where worlds meet in Sydney’s South.

Deicorp secured a prime location for their new development in Hurstville: transport and shopping less than a minute’s walk away, plus panoramic views of the Sydney CBD and Botany Bay from the rooftop. We were engaged to create an appealing brand identity that attracted interest in this well-connected residential

precinct from owner-occupiers to investors alike.

Rather than try and obscure the multicultural aspects of the area, we heightened them – showcasing the property as the grandest of residences with a dramatic creative execution that fused the best of contemporary Australian and Chinese cultures. This opulent concept was expressed via elegant typefaces and dark hues that contrasted with gold foiling and brushwork textures.

The Siding Image

The Siding

3D & CGI / Branding / Campaigns / Property / Video

Giving a hidden gem of the Inner West a new polish that gets the whole city talking.

Deicorp’s newest development is a mixed-use precinct in Petersham with 330 residential units and an expansive street-level entertainment hub. Our brief was to create the project’s identity, plus build brand awareness to aggressively drive leads. The most important aspect of

this branding and campaign was to win over the close-knit Petersham community – to help assuage local opposition and concerns that may arise about the development.
Entity Image


Branding / FMCG   Formulating a memorable, adaptable identity for innovative pharmaceuticals.

Singaporean pharmaceutical company iX Biopharma were ready for their Australian launch of Entity – a range of next-generation, nature-based health products. However, the brand needed a strong identity to set its products apart from plain-packaged competitors. We first established our target audience, whose health-conscious

sensibilities and scepticism for ‘miracle cures’ transcended gender, age, and socio-economic status. We developed a series of graphic devices that used colourful macro imagery of chemical and elemental reactions – expressing the products’ scientific properties in a highly artistic way. These dramatic visuals were balanced with clean, contemporary designs, making the Entity branding effortlessly agile across packaging and e-commerce alike.


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UX/UI Overhaul for Mental Health Platform

"I really appreciated their flexible and agile approach to the project exploration phase."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
April 2017
Project summary: 

After auditing a mental health organization's website, Heard Agency identified issues with UX/UI design and endeavored to resolve them. They presented three initial design concepts and refined one of them.

The Reviewer
51-200 Employees
Sydney, Australia
Chris Rule
Manager of eHealth, Black Dog Institute
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The redesign garnered about 24,000 new registrations, resulting in a 55% year-on-year growth. In addition to user feedback on the designs, the internal team has also noted improved content performance. Heard Agency was client-focused and adapted well to shifting goals.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

Black Dog Institute is a translational research institute that aims to reduce the incidence of mental illness and the stigma around it, to actively reduce suicide rates and empower everyone to live the most mentally healthy lives possible.

My role, Manager – eHealth Implementation, is responsible for managing the ongoing quality assurance and marketing and promotion of Black Dog’s publicly available eMental Health tools.


For what projects/services did your company hire Heard Agency?

Black Dog Institute’s myCompass was developed in 2008, and launched publicly in 2012. The program had essentially remained unchanged across that time and we engaged Heard to assist with a review of the sites user experience and also to support a full UX/UI overhaul of the site.

What were your goals for this project?

  1. Refresh myCompass look and feel and create a clear relationship with Black Dog Institute branding
  2. Improve site navigation with a focus on intuitive web design
  3. Develop an application that is flexible and maintainable for the long term and allows the easy development and customisation of new learning modules
  4. Increase user engagement (new registrations and user retention) with myCompass.
  5. Improve site ranking (SEO)

How did you select this vendor?

Black Dog Institute selected five digital agencies requesting request for proposal. An project brief document was submitted to all agencies and a competitive process was applied.

We were looking for the following from proposals:

  • Some background about their agency
  • Details of the process their agency would work through on this project
  • Details of who from their team would be involved in this project
  • Proposal is in line with budget parameters and timeframes
  • Examples of other quality digital projects their agency had worked on

We were looking for the following from the face to face pitch meetings:

  • Their interest and understanding of Black Dog Institute and appreciation for our vision
  • Their interest and initial understanding of myCompass
  • Their initial ideas around how the site could be improved

A scoring system was applied that involved these and other criteria. A panel consisting of myself, reps from the BDI IT team, a clinical lead and the BDI Knowledge Translation Executive.

Describe the project in detail.

Once we selected Heard, a contract pf work was developed and an initial 2 hour exploration workshop was scheduled with their and our project team. Their team has applied heat mapping to the myCompass site to identify some of the existing pain points for users.

In the workshop, their team worked through a series of questions designed to unpack and understand what we wanted in the new design. Three design concepts were presented to us in the coming weeks. We selected one and worked with Heard in iterative process of refinement.

My role in the project was to provide feedback and direction from BDI's side. My role was to also convene internal workshops with key myCompass stakeholders to clarify our needs and expectations.

What was the team composition?

Our primary contact was a designated project manager. In addition, there was a UX/UI lead. Participating in some of the initial exploration meetings/workshops was their Creative Director and SEO expert.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Following the release of myCompass Version 2.0, we received a significant increase in terms of new registrations with a 55% year on year growth (nearly 24K new registrations across 12 months).

Ad hoc feedback from users and via user feedback surveys has also been overwhelmingly positive. We have also seen solid improvements in terms of content performance.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Both effective and warm. I’ve consistently found the people I have worked with from Heard to be accommodating, creative and professional.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

I really appreciated their flexible and agile approach to the project exploration phase. I also appreciated their acomodating response to our feedback and sometimes shifting goalposts. Completely client focused.

Are there any areas for improvement?

None that I can think of.

Overall Score
  • 4.0 Scheduling
  • 4.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 4.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer

Branding & Marketing for Real Estate Developer

"Their knowledge, skill set, aptitude, and professionalism impressed us."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Sept. 2019 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Heard Agency provided branding and marketing services for a real estate development company. Their team designed our project logo, sales collateral, banners, and a website.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Director, Real Estate Company
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The response to the new branding has been overwhelmingly positive, garnering praise from real estate agents, architects, and customers. Heard Agency establishes an effective project management system, communicating and meeting deadlines. Their team is professional and knowledgable.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

We are a new development company currently developing a block of 24 Apartments at Narrabeen on the Northern Penninsula.


For what projects/services did your company hire Heard Agency?

We engaged Heard Agency to develop a brand and marketing strategy that best represented our vision and target the right demographic for high end, prestigous apartments.

What were your goals for this project?

To highlight the uniqueness and prestige of this project. We wanted the public to know that no expense had been spared and they would be purchasing a high end, luxurious apartment in one of the most sought after locations on the Northern Penninsula.


How did you select this vendor?

They were highly recommended by a large and very successful Development Company.

Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.

The project began with a discovery workshop which allowed us to reach a mutual understanding of the business goals. As we were new to the game of developing, Heard took the reins and guided us through the process of branding and marketing. They designed our project logo, created incredible CGI's, sales brochure, banners and website.

What was the team composition?

It was a definitely a team effort and always had atleast three team members we could call at any one time.


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

The feedback we have received from Real Estate Agents, Architects and the public has been overwhelmingly positive. Our Sales Agent stated the CGI's produced by Heard Agency was up there with the best.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

The management team was very impressive. Their team regularly complied with deadlines and communication could not be faulted.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

Their knowledge, skill set, aptitude, and professionalism impressed us.

Are there any areas for improvement?

None that I can think of. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a professional team that not only understands your vision but has the ability to deliver.

Overall Score A company that delivers what they promise.
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 4.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    Slightly costly, but you won't be disappointed with the result.
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    Second to none
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer

Web Design for Government Agency

"Their creativity and project management skills stood out."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
May - June 2019
Project summary: 

Heard Agency designed branding materials and the UI/UX for a new portal for a government agency. They created a name, a logo, skinned wireframes, and frontend screens that they then handed over to a developer.

The Reviewer
5,001-10,000 Employees
Sydney, Australia
Maria Theochari
Founder, Further Improvement
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The screens arrived on time and met all the requirements. Heard Agency's work was of high quality and showed a clear understanding of the scope. They led a smooth workflow thanks to their feedback tools, excellent project management, and originality.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

IT Project Manager working within a division of NSW Health


For what projects/services did your company hire Heard Agency?

Branding, logo creation and the UX / UI for a new portal

What were your goals for this project?

deliver by end of June skinned wireframes


How did you select this vendor?

They were recommended to me originally through my brother in law. Heard have delivered a project in the past of similar nature. They have a good understanding of the business workflow due to their past experience.

Describe the project in detail.

The business requirements were provided to Heard. This was the input into understanding the scope of work. Heard had to develop a brand name, logo for the portal, and design the front end screens for handover to a developer.

What was the team composition?

Client project manager Heard project manager Heard graphic designer Client's developer


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Delivered as per schedule agreed upon at the start of the project.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Very good. The online tool Invision, allowed us to convey our feedback in a timely manner.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

Their creativity and project management skills stood out.

Are there any areas for improvement?

none that i can see

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer